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Calculate a set of lithium battery needs a few string and method, batteries and how much

by:dcfpower     2020-10-07

a lot of want to research on lithium battery pack assembly engineers don't know must be a few strings and a set of lithium batteries, that we have today for everyone to share this problem, ok we next see a set of lithium batteries must be a few strings and method, batteries and how much.

calculation method one:

is very simple, series voltage, parallel increase capacity, ternary lithium voltage 3 standard regulations. 7 v, full of 4. Three string is 2 v, 12 v, 48 v must be four three strings, but electric cars 58 v lead-acid battery charged most, so the lithium electricity must also be 58 v or so, so you must be 14 string to 58. 8 v, 14 multiplied by 4. 2, and 3 lithium iron full of electricity. 4 v or so, it is necessary to four group of 12 v, 48 v must be 16 series, and so on 60 v must be 20 series, parallel is the same capacity, 10 ah batteries two parallel is 20 ah, 48 v ternary lithium must be 14 + 14 pieces of 10 ah batteries, final 14 block parallel good series of 48 v20ah lithium batteries.

calculation method 2:

is actually very simple, such as voltage, 48 v, often referred to as generally ternary lithium battery pack, often referred to as 48 divided by 3. July 13 and 14 chain basic are calculated so 48 v, 13 strings using 54. 6 volt battery charger, 14 series using 58. 8 v battery charger. So that 20 ampere hour usually refers to the capacity of the battery, if it is only 18650 batteries every capacity of just 2000 ma, this is 2 ampere hour each, ten batteries and in one piece is 20, the battery is for the whole 14 series on 10 batteries = 140 batteries only.

60 v is the same principle, 16 - in general Basic it is 60 v, 17 string if it is 60 v 20 ampere hour single cell capacity is 2000 ma, is 16 - Multiplied by 10160-17 170 batteries. Learn here should be very clear

lithium iron batteries is total voltage divided by 3. 2, such as 48 v lithium iron usually refers to 15 16 string algorithm basic is same, only than ternary lithium strings of lithium iron batteries, and a lithium iron and ternary lithium charging voltage basic it is different also, we buy more enterprise production battery manufacturers have a good communication with company.

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