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Car charger for mobile phone battery harmful

by:dcfpower     2020-12-10

everyone knows what is in your diet daily life new energy electric vehicles, the above T - then you know that car BOX car battery? It's a new energy tbox with built-in battery, T - BOX car batteries to promote the rapid development of the present stage our country mechanical manufacturing industry. Input in the car with the popularity of cars, to the owner of the time period also become more and more long. If analysing, more than eighty percent of the owners are mostly equipped with car charger, facilitate the smartphone or tablet without electricity, timely charge. Like this today, we'll to detailed said car charger for smart phones harmful?

is that T - what BOX car battery

the hardware configuration of 4 glte OBD device ( Car terminal T - networking standards 框) Deep will join the CANBUS bus system, perfect load the Windows and doors lamp speakers mirror control warning sign yixiang ultrasonic generator, perfect complete air conditioning switch, remote control automatic seat adjustment, car airbag load CAN bus system information and the tire pressure, the car on a larger high-end interior space. HUD, intelligent film and TV video, hi-fi music video conference system, remote control, business meetings, etc. , can be developed and people, and the intelligent application of car are inseparable. TelematicsBOX batteries, abbreviated on-board T - Battery BOX, T - To use the battery is nickel metal hydride battery BOX processing and manufacturing of put into use. So far, the T - BOX is equipped with backup battery, its effect is the main power supply car batteries, when the power is able to continuously for T - BOX running supply current, so that when the car after system failure, T - BOX can run normally for a period of time, to run the motor vehicles in the current working status information to upload.

car charger for mobile phone battery harmful?

car charger for mobile phone battery can be harmful, working voltage is different, the impact on the cell phone battery life will be. Mobile charger needed working voltage is different, generally is 5 v1a like apple mobile phone, for instance, to its brand mobile phone have 5 v2a, car without annotation, 6 v, 12 v, different working voltage, can use occasionally, use for a long time is easy to cause loss of battery, since the charge is not durable. On-board charger is mainly to give smart phones and other electronic equipment for emergency charging, and charging the end should be timely pull out, if the car charger output voltage is not stable, use for a long time will affect vehicle battery life.

use the car charger note

1. If long time storage, afraid have dust, can pull out of the car charger, scrub with a clean thin cloth is ok, don't use chemicals, or cleaner such as charger. In order to avoid serious damage to its functionality.

2。 Don't put the car charger for a long time in the moist environment, more can't let the water, can cause irreversible to its internal electronic components of corrosion and oxidation.

3。 When buying car charger, don't showed, to choose the regular manufacturers products, as far as possible the choose and buy of car charger with various overload protection function.

4。 When buying car charger, also need to blend in with the actual conditions of their cars, at ordinary times the use of the characteristics of selected went on a few of the charger, can at the same time a variety of use.

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