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Cell phone lithium battery fever how to deal with

by:dcfpower     2020-11-17

phone battery heating hot is that we are often able to meet in the mobile phone use. The vast majority of the nine hundred percent of the smartphone WeChat voice chat for a long time, the mobile game, video broadcast after use, the battery is will be very hot, even the smartphone will heat up, considering the lithium-ion batteries in charging and discharging inside the battery will form a chemical change, the formation of a large number of thermal energy, causing the battery temperature rise, with the palm touch to everyone will experience the heat, it is common phenomenon in most of the lithium battery. So when we meet with cell phone lithium battery fever, don't panic, we today to see what cell phone lithium battery heating processing, how to solve.

methods of mobile phone battery heating

lithium battery pack in large current charge or on a large current discharge are fever, fever in severe cases can affect its service life, solve the fever can only reduce the current, such as an electric current smaller phone charger to recharge batteries and mobile phone, fever down version of the screen brightness even, when using the small voice, shut down several program or big memory or power consumption big game

how cell phone lithium battery heating processing

1. During normal use smart phones, the CPU will run form the heat, mild fever, Below 45 & deg; ) Belong to the normal situation, the situation put smart phones for a period of time, you can return to normal.

2。 Shutdown fever: check phone background for a large number of executable program, if any, proposed the drop-down notification bar, click & other; A key to accelerate & throughout; Shut down the background; At the same time, don't forget to form a good habit; Press the return key to return to, the application is actually not closed. Don't forget to shut down in program management.

3。 Play while charging mobile phone, in the process of the battery to perform two jobs: charging and charge and discharge. The working current of the activity is very big. People will form a lot of heat in a large number of activities, working current is also similar, so try not to play when charging mobile phone, have best choice to use imported from mobile phone charger.

4。 Daily life don't forget to shut down some switch function is not used, such as mobile phone, bluetooth, GPS automatic synchronization, etc. , appropriate to reduce adjust screen brightness, this will greatly reduce the fuselage fever phenomenon. Long time play Mp3 music can choose alternative. More than 60 ℃, should immediately switch to the standby mode.

must be separate is mobile phone battery heating, or the phone's screen, or a motherboard fever. Mobile phone batteries for a long time heating will make the battery explosion, in severe cases can affect the smartphone inside parts, and thus the overall use of let smartphone time reduced; The cause of mobile phone battery heating use smart phones is nothing but a long time, or the battery itself. Want to change the condition of the battery heating, you need to smart phones the appropriate time to rest, and give smartphones equipped with high quality high quality batteries and battery chargers.

mobile phone battery heating solution

1. Motor load is too much, I put the smartphone in standby state

2. Change the storage capacity is greater than the mobile phone battery mobile charger.

3。 The battery is broken, just buy a new battery

4. The poor quality of product is only to buy a new battery.

5。 If the battery has been under the condition of the drum filling out, also can work it out. Is the gap of the first looking for battery with finger ( Mobile phone battery back close to the mobile phone charge electrodes, press down a bit soft) Poke a KuLongYan, use for, let the ran out of gas inside the can.

the dangers of mobile phone battery heating

1. Mobile phone batteries for a long time heating can make smart phones inside also fever, light person make smartphones to reboot or hang up the phone call, in severe cases make the parts inside the smartphone fever for a long time lead to damage of smartphones.

2。 Long batteries to also can make heat strengthening battery itself, if it is sealed, Such as NOKIA is not sealed, is directly to the battery into) Battery can make the gas inside the expansion, leading to cell bulge outward, in severe cases can make battery explosion.

3。 Hand battery fever can reduce the use of smart phones for a long time period.

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