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Cell phone lithium battery for a long time useless arouse method, for a long time without treatment

by:dcfpower     2020-10-19

at present, the smartphone has been slowly into the consumer attention, sometimes guys are likely, due to various causes the guys cell phone lithium battery for a long time need not, the working state of the led to now have no way to wake up, will bring inconvenience to our daily life, cell phone lithium batteries has been so long time no use, guys if did not do any deposit. Indulge its no matter, so the battery will be destroyed, so the guys for a long time without battery, should do a good job in some measure. That should be how to deal with is correct. With what method wake up, then we take a look at mobile phone lithium battery for a long time useless arouse method, for a long time without treatment.

cell phone lithium battery pack for a long time useless awaken method

the first step: will have the positive connection of the battery have no way to use the positive pole of the battery; Mobile phone didn't work for a long time quick charge for the first time, it is best to use the original authentic battery charger quickly, better phone charge.

step 2: there will be electric battery cathode connection there is no way to use battery cathode; A lot of people in order to better use convenient don't turn it off fast charging, thus seriously affect the activation of lithium electricity storage.

the third step: use 12 v battery charger to have no way to use the battery. To remind everyone is warmth at the same time or intermittent quick charge than fifteen hours within 12 hours, if in the process of display is fully charged, don't pull out, maintain fast charging state.

step 4: quick charge until the battery is completely full, the battery is activated when successful, can achieve the best storage condition.

step 5: more than 12 hours can awaken within 15 hours is no way to use the battery, the handset lithium battery pack for a long time useless awakens the way to the end

cell phone lithium battery pack for a long time without treatment

1. Different high-end brand of battery don't confuse the put

it is best not to old and new batteries, different high-end brands, storage, various types of batteries together quick charge or randomly assembled into battery quick charging

2. Recommended treatment discharge method.

cell phone lithium battery charge placed up is bad, not apply if there is no use more than 10 days, the battery will discharge to about five hundred percent to the battery to maintain, in order to avoid damage. Don't try to use discharge the battery. If want to use the battery must be quick charge again to the corresponding level, battery percentage indicator leads to incorrect readings, at the same time, you will most likely there will be a safety hazard risk of explosion.

3。 Placed the environment temperature should be suitable for

recommend lithium battery quick charge electricity once half a year, is the battery has been remain above cut-off voltage, storage environment temperature and humidity should be suitable for

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