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Charging speed will not interfere with the lithium battery capacity

by:dcfpower     2020-11-10

rate of power battery batteries, rechargeable batteries own corresponding under pressure are unable to bypass a factor. No matter how much the battery charging device outside the cow, how big is the power and the battery capacity, if the rechargeable battery itself in terms of can accept the battery capacity has short board, then battery charging rate must be fast. Coupled with the battery capacity is relatively large, natural battery charging time is long. If your high school through electrochemical aspects of the knowledge of how fast you can know the battery will not affect the lithium ion battery capacity, good given that most do not know how the battery will not affect the lithium battery capacity, so you today is how about the battery will not affect the lithium battery capacity?

lithium ion battery charge and discharge frequency in the process of use increases, the volume gradually reduced. To put it bluntly recession, often referred to as power slowly depleted intuitive feelings. Like everyone's cell phone, for the first time to buy a battery can be used for a whole day, but the battery full use only half a day. This is the cause of the lithium ion battery capacity in the use of lower. The change speed of products is also relatively good solution. Before you use up all the battery capacity, everyone may have replaced the new phone, but the service life of electric cars so long and durable products cannot be solved very well. Typically, the lifetime of the car may be ten years, during this time may need one thousand to two thousand times the battery ( Assume that every day to charge) , in order to better meet the demand of the use of electric cars, it is important to the service life of lithium ion batteries for electric cars is put forward corresponding requirements.

lithium ion battery discharge system relies on users, obviously good discharge system does not necessarily apply to all users. However, due to battery agent is mainly controlled by the designer, so the battery agent on the analysis of the battery life decline interference can guide the design of the lithium ion battery. Yanggo, Beijing jiaotong university, analyzes the lithium ion battery life in a variety of battery charging system, analyses the mechanism of lithium ion battery life falling model is put forward. Yanggau studies show that if the charging current and blocking voltage is more than the corresponding digital, lithium ion battery reduction may be largely quickens, in order to reduce the decline rate of lithium ion batteries, it is important to choose suitable for multiple battery discharge current and blocking voltage of the system.

if the charging current is lower than 1 c, rechargeable batteries dynamic resistance will be almost the same as the change of rechargeable battery recycling, but if the charging current is more than 1 c, with the improvement of battery charging rate, rechargeable batteries dynamic resistance increase speed will increase rapidly. Figure b test results show that when the battery voltage blocking of 4. 3 v, rechargeable batteries dynamic resistance increase very fast, which suggests that high blocking voltage aggravate the dynamic condition of rechargeable batteries, and blocking voltage is 4. 1 v and 4. 2 v, rechargeable batteries dynamic resistance rate of increase more slowly.

charging speed will affect the lithium battery pack capacity

as mentioned above, regardless of charging current or voltage when power supply drop, if the charging current or voltage is more than this value, the rechargeable batteries will be faster in recession. In view of the above rechargeable batteries, if the charging current and blocking voltage is more than this value, the charging battery decline rate will be faster; If less than this value, even if the charging current and blocking voltage rise, the decline rate of rechargeable batteries will not significantly improved. Cutting the charging current and voltage of battery charge attenuation rate interference mechanism study showed that when the charging current is lower than 1 c, main interference is the loss of the anode and the cathode active material, if the blocking voltage is lower than 4. 2 v, mainly Li loss, if the charging current and blocking voltage higher than this value, the anode and cathode active material loss and Li losses will be largely quickens.

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