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Charging treasure not filling in electricity is what reason, how to do

by:dcfpower     2020-12-10

charging treasure is a lot of friend favorite electronic digital products, it can give our phone lithium batteries, it can make you charge is becoming more and more high, even if the charging treasure is very convenient, but also have the problem of case, and as you might need charging treasure most cases failure problem. Charging treasure, then, why don't charged into the electricity? The following will introduce charging treasure not filling in electricity is what reason, how to do.

charging treasure what reason why not filling into electricity is

1, the cable fault problem

may be a treasure to loose data interface poor contact of charging or damaged cable, have the courage to try again and again plug data interface and conversion cable connection; Loose cable poor contact of, send line or used after a long time all is likely to cause the failure problem, recommend buy is through 3 c certification. Most is recommended to use in a thread or use imported from cable to try, if other line can, that is the problem of the data line, don't knock the charging treasure this honour.

2。 Charging head failure problem

charging treasure to charge it into electricity is likely to be due to the charging head no, or is the output current is too small, can use a computer, or in 2 a adapter to recharge try charging treasure. But the problem is the best source to eliminate, 3 c certification of products, must be chosen to avoid as far as possible in formal platform street corners, no certified purchasing counterfeit products. At the end of the day but can small.

3。 Battery is broken

the battery cannot charge. Can use the multimeter to measure voltage, if less than 0. 3 v that is likely to charge it into electricity. Higher than or is likely to charge it into electricity.

4。 Charging treasure to be affected with damp be affected with damp

charging treasure, electrical things don't often use this one, it is very easy to moisture, especially under the condition of southern moisture regain day, put long also very easy to cause the metal parts oxidation short circuit breakage. Often use and put in dry places, natural ventilation air must not put a bath room, if can be affected with damp be affected with damp slightly electric hair dryer warm wind blowing, if still not only after-sales maintenance or upgrade.

5, deficiency of charging treasure

may be a deficiency of charging treasure, have the courage to try to charge treasure recharged again after use;

6, charging treasure this statue damaged

charging treasure data interface, circuit boards, batteries, any broken will have charging treasure not filling in or not. If charging treasure is more expensive, can go to a qualified repair shop repair; If cheaper, just buy a new one directly, in the end the old not to new don't come, may be charging treasure power management IC chip burned or damaged batteries, need repair maintenance and changing the corresponding parts.

charging treasure not filling in electricity to do

charging treasure to charge it into electricity, to a large degree and is the charger output voltage failure problems. Many old chargers on the market at present the appearance of the input current at about nine hundred mAh, the charging of input voltage will need at least 1. With normal charging head can't reasonable and effective charge, so must be moved around more high functional charger to solve the problem. No direct point changing a new charging treasure, anyway, charging treasure in the current market is not very expensive, you say!

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