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Common problems and causes of lithium battery manufacturers

by:dcfpower     2021-03-21

The production process of polymer lithium battery pack is complicated. Improper handling of each process will cause various battery product quality problems. Battery manufacturers have collected common battery production problems and summaries during years of lithium battery pack production and manufacturing. The corresponding reasons are analyzed, and the details are as follows:

1. The problem of low battery capacity


a. Too little; b. The amount of material attached to both sides of the pole piece is quite different; C. The pole piece is broken; d. The electrolyte is less; e. The electrolyte conductivity is low; f. The positive electrode and the negative electrode are not matched; g. Diaphragm pores Low rate; h. Adhesive aging → attached material falling off; i. The core is too thick (not dried or the electrolyte is not penetrated); j. The volume is not fully charged when the volume is divided; k. The specific capacity of the positive and negative materials is small.

2. Reasons for high internal resistance/instability of the battery:

a. The negative electrode sheet and the tab lug are soldered; b. The positive electrode sheet and the pole lug are soldered; C. The positive electrode lug is soldered. Welding of the cap; d. Welding of the negative electrode ear and the shell; e. The contact between the rivet and the pressure plate is large and the internal resistance is large. f. The positive electrode has no conductive agent; g. The electrolyte has no lithium salt; h. The battery has been short-circuited; i. The rate is small.

3. Reasons for low battery voltage:

a. Side reactions (decomposition of electrolyte; impurities in the positive electrode; water); b. Not formed well (SEI film is not formed safely ); C. The customer’s circuit board leakage (refers to the battery sent back by the customer after processing); d. The customer fails to spot welding as required (the customer’s processed battery); e. Burr; f. Micro short circuit; g. Negative electrode Produce dendrites.

4. Ultra-thick battery

The reasons for the ultra-thickness are as follows:

a. Weld leakage; b. Electrolyte decomposition; C . Undried moisture; d. Poor sealing of the cap; e. The shell wall is too thick; f. The shell is too thick; g. The core is too thick (too much material attached; the pole piece is not compacted; the diaphragm is too thick).

5. The battery explodes

a. The sub-container is faulty (causing overcharge); b. The diaphragm closure effect is poor; C. Internal short circuit

6 .Short circuit

a. Material dust; b. The casing is broken; C. The ruler is scraped (the small diaphragm paper is too small or not properly padded); d. The winding is uneven; e. It is not wrapped properly; f. The diaphragm has a hole; g. Burr

7. Circuit break

a) The lug and the rivet are not welded well, or the effective solder joint area is small; b) The connecting piece is broken (connected The sheet is too short or the spot welding with the pole sheet is too low)

The above are the more common and prone problems and related corresponding reasons in the production of lithium batteries. I hope to help you.

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