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Comparison table of parameters of lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium cobalt battery, lithium manganese battery, lithium cobalt nickel battery

by:dcfpower     2021-03-27
Battery Components Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Lithium Cobalt Battery Lithium Manganese Battery Lithium Cobalt Nickel Battery C-LiFePO4LiCoO2LiMn2O4Li(NiCo)O2 Safety and environmental protection requirements The best safety and compliance with environmental protection requirements Very poor stability, very unsafe, acceptable stability Poor, very unsafe. The number of cycles is best acceptable. Not acceptable. Acceptable. Energy density. Good. Acceptable. Best long-term use. Cost. Most economic. High. Acceptable. Normal use) If the temperature is higher than 55°C or lower than -20°C, it will decay rapidly. If the temperature is higher than 50°C, it will decay rapidly. Yes, the following is a list of how power battery manufacturers around the world choose cathode materials: battery manufacturers cathode material customers and partners Sanyo Electromechanical lithium manganese oxide, nickel manganese cobalt oxide ternary Volkswagen, Ford, Honda PEVE nickel manganese cobalt oxide lithium three Yuan Toyota, Mitsubishi AESC Lithium Manganese Nissan, Renault GS Yang Shallow Nickel Manganese Lithium Cobalt Oxide Ternary Toyota, Mitsubishi Toshiba Lithium Manganese Manganese Oxide Volkswagen HVE Lithium Manganese Oxide, Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide Ternary General Compact power Lithium Manganese Oxide General, Hyundai SB limotive Comparison of Lithium Manganese Oxide BMW, Dailem A123 System Lithium Iron Phosphate Dailem, GM and other types of batteriesu003c/pu003e
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