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Cylindrical lithium-ion battery block structure of the production steps

by:dcfpower     2020-10-17

at present, the industry of lithium ion batteries on the market, such as 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, the most choose contain thermistor ( PTC(列车自动控制系统) And the working current to cut off the organization ( CID) Such as the combination of multiple artifacts cap. In the working current of cutting mechanism and aluminum plate welding welding, its main characteristics for the selected material is relatively soft material. Aluminum plate and the positive pole ear nickel battery electric welding with welding, so under normal conditions, working current to cut off the agency belongs to the battery is extreme.

when batteries produces excessive use cases, especially the excessive charging, batteries inside can produce large quantities of gas. Mainly because the batteries inside is a fully enclosed space, the gas will effect on the batteries on the cap, namely the role in cap aluminum base plate and the working current to cut off the body welding welding place. When the internal pressure reaches working current cutting mechanism and the aluminum plate between the solder joint stress limit value, working current cutting institutions will be disconnected and aluminum plate. Mainly because the working current to cut off the body material is relatively soft, will not have great destructive disconnected because. Disconnected at this moment, the working current of cutting institutions are no longer charged, is no longer a battery is extreme, the whole circuit disconnected, in order to ensure the safety of the batteries.

traditional cylindrical lithium-ion battery block structure, the working current to cut off the institution of the selected material is usually pure aluminium, its material is relatively soft, in production practice, often appeared in the overcharge test, working current cutting mechanism of solder joints between aluminum plate can not be a one-off rupture, produce working current there is no way to cut off immediately, which has a serious damage on batteries.

the production of lithium battery pack and its cap structure steps:

1. On this, provide a disposable cutting the working current of cylindrical lithium battery pack block structure, at the same time also provides a way to use cylindrical lithium-ion battery block structure of cylindrical lithium-ion battery.

2。 A cylindrical lithium battery pack block structure, its characteristic is the key, include: the top, as described in the top with opening the main body and the steps, the steps of setting in the open end peripheral;

3。 Working current cutting mechanism, working current to cut off the agency stated material consisting of Al, Mg, Cu; Described working current cutting institutions include ministry of frustum of a cone and frustum of a cone and stated the big end of peripheral connected extension department; In the midst of this, Al is 90%, the Mg is 4% ~ 6%, Cu 4% ~ 6%;

4。 Thermistor NTC thermistor, stated in the above described the steps and extending between the department, and described the steps and extension of mutual connection;

5。 Backplane, backplane described in the above mentioned in ellipse section from the top of the unilateral, and frustum of a cone portion away from the top of one connected to each other.

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