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Detailed production process of 18650 lithium battery (multiple pictures)

by:dcfpower     2021-03-05
18650 manufacturing process: Mixingu003e Coatingu003e Calenderingu003e Continuous slittingu003e Tab weldingu003e Windingu003e X-Ray inspection X-Ray Checkingu003e Jelly roll insertionu003e Bottom welding Weldingu003eSealingu003eCleaningu003eSleeve label→Plastic sleeves→Print barcodeu003eFormation→Formatting→Aging→Capacity testu003eOCV test→Group OCT Testing→Groupingu003eScan/measure voltage/look at appearance shipment Final visual u003e FQA checking and packing illustrates the production process of 18650 lithium battery pack: 1. Mixing 2. Coating 3. Calendering 4. Continuous slitting 5. Tab welding 6. Winding 7. Winding 7. X-Ray Inspection X-Ray Checking 8. Jelly roll insertion 9. Bottom welding 10. Can beading 11. Electrolyte injection 12. CID welding 13. Sealing 14. Cleaning 15. Sleeve label→Plastic sleeves→barcode 16.Formation→Formatting→Aging→Capacity test17.OCV test→Group OCT Testing18.FQA checking and packing FQA checking and packing Extended reading: u003eu003eu003ePolymer battery production processu003eu003eu003eu003c/pu003e
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