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Develop new technology for recycling waste lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-22

The new process technology for the recycling of used lithium batteries in Europe was carried out within 36 months from the CoLaBATS project. A total of 10 institutions are committed to the company’s development of new technology for recycling of used batteries and hydrometallurgical technology. They are a research institute and three Participating universities.

In the process of differentiation and project-based commercialization of CoLaBATS, it is a unique technology that promotes the development of task-specific ionic liquids (TSIL) and deep eutectic solvents (DES). TSIL was developed by a chemical manufacturer specialized in the field of Solvionic (France) LEDs for ionic solutions, and the development of DES was promoted to the leadership of the University of Leicester (UK). In the development of this technology, using choline chloride, citric acid, etc. to use 50% of the DES lithium battery pack prepared by mixing water (water) is impossible in the traditional metallurgical process which has been demonstrated on the scale of demonstration. The significance of this technology lies in the fact that plastic graphite and rare earth metals are impossible in the traditional dry recycling process, recovering one step closer to the total recycling of waste batteries through the development of a wet recycling process. The CoLaBATS project adopts the basic concept of TRL 2 chemical steps, TRL 5 steps demonstration, development in the demonstration process, but the required conditions, if the progress is determined to be developed for future TRL 7 requires additional steps.

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