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Development of 18650 high-capacity lithium-ion battery

by:dcfpower     2021-02-21
A 18650 cylindrical lithium battery pack (with a nominal discharge capacity of 2800mAh at 0.5C) was fabricated using high nickel material as the battery positive electrode, and the performance of the button cell and 18650 lithium-ion battery were tested. The results show that the first charge and discharge efficiency of the high nickel material button battery is 88.7%; Li oxidation covers the entire oxidation peak range (3.7~5.0V), and at the same time, the Ni 2+/Ni 4+ electro-pair oxidation at 4.25V, 5.0V is The oxidation of Co3+/Co4+, and the oxidation of Ni occurs preferentially at the beginning of the reaction, and the oxidation of Co occurs as the potential increases. The high nickel material 18650 lithium ion battery 0.5C, 1.0C, and 2.0C discharge capacity are respectively 99.89%, 99.26%, 97.38% of 0.2C, which can meet the battery's requirements for fast charge and fast discharge; battery 0.5C charge 1C discharge The corresponding capacity retention rates for 20 weeks, 100 weeks, 200 weeks, and 450 weeks were 98.40%, 94.74%, 87.62%, and 82.22%, respectively. At low rate (0.5C), the heat dissipation effect of the conventional structure 18650 battery is equivalent to that of the experimental structure battery. As the discharge rate increases, the temperature difference between the two structures' heat dissipation effect also increases. Keywords: 18650 lithium ion battery; high capacity; electrochemical performance; cycle life; rate discharge; heat dissipation structure lithium ion battery has high voltage, small size, light weight, high specific energy density, no memory effect, long service life, etc. Advantages, the current lithium-ion batteries on the market are mainly divided into square, plate, cylindrical, etc., and compared with plate and square batteries, 18650 cylindrical lithium ion batteries have the following advantages: ①The energy density is higher, and the energy density is about 30% higher. %; ②The arrangement of the cells also has a considerable impact on safety. Once the battery cell is thermally out of control, it is not easy to affect the surrounding battery cells because of the small capacity; ③The cost is low. Therefore, it is widely used in notebook computers, flashlights, digital cameras, portable speakers and other industries. Domestic 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion battery companies cannot guarantee product quality due to backward equipment and lack of technical background, and market competitiveness is poor. Products can only flow into the low-end market. The huge market demand misleads the entire market. Direction. How to survive and stand out from many lithium battery pack companies requires companies to pay attention to the development of high-end products. The main problem with high-capacity (2800mah) 18650 lithium-ion batteries is that the battery capacity increases while effectively dispersing heat. The article made a self-made high-capacity lithium-ion battery with a high nickel cathode, and compared the electrochemical performance with a conventional structure battery. The complete PDF file is only for communication and learning: download information [file size: 554.97 KB download times: times] Click to download the file: 18650 high-capacity lithium ion battery development.pdfu003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003e
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