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Discuss what is the low temperature lithium ion battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-24

low temperature of the lithium ion battery is now the best performance in the low temperature, especially used in intelligent equipment, electronic aeronautical engineering, but also has a good advantage. Can also according to the product shape and size of the reserved space. Fully make equipment to achieve more ideal effect of actual use, good today, we will give you a chat this talk what is lithium ion battery at low temperature.

what is the low temperature lithium ion battery?

low temperature lithium ion battery, often referred to as the low environmental temperature is more and more normal work under the natural environment of lithium ion batteries. Low temperature lithium ion battery has a low temperature 18650 lithium ion battery, soft package of polymer lithium ion battery at low temperature and low temperature iron phosphate lithium battery pack which a few kinds. Low temperature lithium ion batteries due to possess the quality of the product is light, high specific energy and long life advantages such as extensive use, low temperature lithium ion battery is a kind of use made of synthetic materials and production technology, suitable for in below zero temperatures using natural environment.

low temperature lithium ion battery important applies to: military enterprise, aerospace, weapons onboard navigation equipment, the arctic scientific expedition, cool and disaster relief, electricity, communications, public security management, medical electronics, high-speed railways, ships, intelligent robot, etc. The use of low temperature lithium ion battery more military modernization, or say it is our popular & other; High-end atmosphere throughout the &; Some, this is also the reason why we don't common it. Generally requires in - All normal work around 40 degrees of natural environment, discharge capacity remain above 80%, the lowest working temperature - can be realized 50℃。

the factors influencing low temperature lithium ion batteries have?

1。 The anode structure:

the anode material of three-dimensional structure restricts the lithium ion diffusion rate, low temperature impact particularly significant. Iron phosphate lithium battery pack in - Discharge capacity of 20 ℃ can only achieve normal temperature capacity of 67. 38%, and the nickel cobalt manganese battery can realize three yuan 70. 1%. Manganese acid lithium ion battery in - Discharge capacity of 20 ℃ can realize 83% of the normal capacity.

2。 High melting point solvents

primarily because of electrolyte in the mixed solvent of high melting point solvent, lithium ion battery electrolyte viscosity under low temperature environment, electrolyte happens when the environment temperature is too low solidification phenomenon, caused the lithium ions in the electrolyte transmission speed greatly reduce;

3。 SEI film

under the low temperature environment, lithium ion battery cathode SEI thickening, SEI impedance increase caused by lithium ion conduction rate greatly reduced in the SEI film, the lithium ion battery charge and discharge under low temperature environment produce polarization greatly reduce the efficiency of charging and discharging;

must be taken into account comprehensively improve low temperature performance of lithium ion batteries battery anode, cathode, electrolyte and other comprehensive factors. Through the optimization of overall battery system, reduce the lithium ion battery polarization under low temperature, low temperature performance of the battery to improve. Low temperature use lithium ion battery, regardless of charging or discharging performance is poor, and has the potential to cause influence life, should be prevented.

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