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Does the new mobile phone battery need to be activated?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-13

The battery needs to be activated, but this is not what the user has to do, but what the lithium battery pack manufacturer has to do. Why is this? Because the lithium ion battery has to go through the following process before leaving the factory:

Lithium ion battery shell is filled with electrolyte—sealing—-formation, which is constant voltage charging, then discharge, and so on. Several cycles, make the electrode fully infiltrate the electrolyte, fully activate, until the capacity reaches the requirement. This is the activation process-capacity division, which is to test the capacity of the battery and select batteries with different performance (capacity) to classify and divide the battery. Level, capacity matching, etc. The lithium-ion batteries that come out in this way are already activated by the user. The commonly used nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries are also formed and activated before leaving the factory. Some of the batteries require the activation process The battery is in an open state, and it will be sealed after activation. This process can only be completed by a lithium battery pack cell manufacturer.

There is a problem here, that is, that the battery from the battery factory is in the hands of the user. The time is sometimes very long, as short as 1 month, or as long as half a year. At this time, because the battery electrode material will be passivated, the manufacturer recommends that the battery used for the first time be fully charged and discharged 35 times in order to eliminate the dullness of the electrode material. To achieve the maximum capacity.

In the three national standards on nickel-metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries and lithium-ion batteries promulgated in 2001, the initial capacity test has clear regulations, and the battery can be tested. 5 times of deep charge and deep discharge, when one meets the regulations, the test can be stopped. This explains the phenomenon I said very well.

Then it is also possible to call it the 'second activation' Yes, the “new” battery that the user uses for the first time try to perform a few deep charge and discharge cycles.

This problem is closely related to the battery activation problem above. Let’s set the factory battery to the user’s hand to have blunt electrodes. In order to activate the battery, perform deep charge and deep discharge cycles for 3 times. In fact, this question is transformed into a question of whether deep charge is to charge for 12 hours. Then my other article 'On the charging time of mobile phone battery' has been answered This question.

The answer is that you don’t need to charge for 12 hours.

In the early days of mobile phone Ni-MH batteries needed replenishment and trickle charging process, it is possible to achieve the most perfect full charge state. It takes about 5 hours, but it does not require 12 hours. The constant current and constant voltage charging characteristics of lithium-ion batteries determine that its deep charging time does not require 12 hours.

There are people in the battery. Since the current of the lithium-ion battery gradually decreases in the constant voltage stage, is it true that the deep charge is when the current is as small as infinitely small? I once drew the curve of the current decrease in the constant voltage stage versus time, right It performed multiple curve fittings and found that this curve can be approached to zero current by a function of 1/x. In the actual test, due to the self-discharge phenomenon of the lithium battery pack itself, this zero current can never be reached.

Take a 600mAh battery as an example, set the cut-off current to 0.01C (ie 6mA), and its 1C charging time does not exceed 150 minutes, then set the cut-off current to 0.001C (ie 0 .6mA), its charging time may be 10 hours per

–This is because of the accuracy of the instrument, it has not been accurately obtained, but the capacity obtained from 0.01C to 0.001C is calculated to be only 1.7mAh. It’s meaningless to use more than 7 hours to exchange for less than three-thousandths of a capacity.

Besides, there are other charging methods, such as pulse charging to make lithium ion The battery reaches the limit voltage of 4.2V. It does not cut off the minimum current judgment stage at all. Generally, it is 100% fully charged after 150 minutes. Many mobile phones use pulse charging.

Someone has used it.

After the mobile phone is fully charged, use the cradle charger to confirm the fullness of the mobile phone. This test method is not rigorous.

First of all, the green light displayed on the charger is not a basis for detecting whether the lithium-ion battery is fully charged or not.

The only final way to detect whether the lithium-ion battery is fully charged or not is to test whether it is charged (also The voltage of the lithium battery pack in the non-discharged state.

The real purpose of the so-called constant voltage phase current reduction is to gradually reduce the additional voltage generated by the charging current on the internal resistance of the battery. When the current As small as 0.01C, such as 6mA, this current multiplied by the internal resistance of the battery (usually within 200 milliohms) is only 1mV. It can be considered that the voltage at this time is the battery voltage in the no-current state.

Secondly , The reference voltage of the mobile phone is not necessarily equal to the reference voltage of the cradle charger. The mobile phone thinks that the fully charged battery is on the cradle, but the cradle does not think it is fully charged, but continues to charge.

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