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Domestic battery electrolyte production capacity

by:dcfpower     2021-03-24

When using carbonate as a solvent, because the flash point is low, it will flash at a lower temperature, and the safety is poor.

Fluorinated solvents (including fluorinated esters and fluorinated ethers) have a high flash point or even no flash point, which is beneficial to inhibit the burning of the electrolyte. The fluorinated agent has less damage to the battery performance, and the effect of inhibiting the burning of the electrolyte is obvious, but the use of fluoride will greatly increase the production cost of lithium-ion batteries.

Currently commercial lithium-ion batteries use EC. DMC is the solvent and LiPF is used. It is a lithium salt with high ionic conductivity and good electrochemical stability.

The electrolyte accounts for about 12% of the cost of lithium batteries, and the gross profit margin is about 40%. It is one of the most profitable links in the lithium battery pack industry chain.

Currently, the national production capacity is about 18,000 tons, and supply and demand are basically balanced. At present, the electrolyte supporting equipment of domestic battery manufacturers has basically realized localization, and only a small part of them uses imported electrolyte.

The core raw material LiPF. A breakthrough is needed. The main raw material of the electrolyte is LiPF. , Accounting for about 50% of the cost of the electrolyte, the selling price is more than 300,000 yuan/ton, and the gross profit margin is about 60%.

Due to the high difficulty of production technology, it is currently monopolized by several Japanese companies such as Kanto Electrochemical Industry, SUTERAKEMIFA, and Morita Chemical. Morita Chemical has a production line with an annual output of 600 tons in Jiangsu Yangzijiang Chemical Park, of which more than 300 tons are supplied to Morita.

LiPF used by domestic electrolyte manufacturers. Most of them are purchased from Japanese companies. Only Tianjin Jinniu has a production capacity of 80 tons, all for its own use.

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