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Domestic robots nimh battery manufacturer rankings

by:dcfpower     2020-12-04

in China's domestic robots nimh battery manufacturer in the production of battery company is few and far between, hands and feet and can be easily counted on in the world's famous domestic nimh batteries in the development of early, in the international market also occupies a large share of the above, has a place. That this way of export in domestic robot nimh battery manufacturer what sell like hot cakes, ranking? Let's take a look at.

: strong recommendation from shenzhen technology co. , LTD. ( Battery manufacturer source)

technology was founded in 2001, specializes in r&d of the hydride and lithium-ion batteries, intelligence, nimh batteries is dominant revised national standard units, and participate in the development of a number of national standard lithium battery industry. Robot ( 机器人) Can is a kind of semi-autonomous or full autonomy work intelligent machines. Life history of the earliest robots in emperor yangdi craftsmen puppet created by robot, have organs, such as sit,, thanks, your ups capacity. Robot has perception, decision-making, execution and other basic features, can replace human complete auxiliary and even dangerous, the heavy and complicated work, improve the work efficiency and quality, service, human life. Provide meet the requirements of the application of custom battery, shenzhen specific robot battery manufacturer focus on battery research and development production for many years, in all kinds of robot battery made deep research and development for many years, strategic cooperation with many robot research and development production manufacturers, specifically for they provide different applications research and development of robot people apply a custom fit of the battery.

robot battery in accordance with the scope of application in the application of the robot is different, also can be divided into robot battery in high temperature and low temperature, explosion-proof robot, robot high-magnification robot battery and so on, the key is still need to see the robot working content. Normally, robots working in low temperature environment to use batteries mostly low temperature polymer lithium-ion batteries, military use of eod robot using battery mainly added explosion-proof battery in high temperature. Actually now normalized key application in the field of robot in logistics warehousing and distribution, food and beverage management consulting services, administrative service center, and other fields, most of these robots use for conventional nickel metal hydride batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries, because these two kinds of robot battery from economic benefits is the best choice.

the other robot nimh battery factory rank:

nimh batteries is a synthesis of hydrogen ion and nickel, 30% more reserves than the nickel cadmium battery, more light than nickel-cadmium batteries, longer service life, and no pollution to the environment. The disadvantage of nimh batteries are much expensive than the nickel cadmium battery, performance is worse than lithium battery. Here we mainly introduce robot lithium battery pack manufacturer rankings, we continued to see next.

1。 Ningde era of new energy technology co. , LTD. , founded in 2011, is the domestic first to have one of the international competitive power battery manufacturers, focus on new energy vehicle power battery system, energy storage system research and development, production and sales, is committed to provide first-class solutions for global new energy application, the core technology, including in the field of power and energy storage batteries, materials, batteries, battery, battery recycling secondary utilization of the whole industry chain development and manufacturing capabilities. Has been Japan's sanyo, panasonic, Hong Kong super company, France SAFT, VARTA OVONIC companies in the United States, Germany and other global recognition using many of the world famous battery manufacturer. Continuous nickel foam strip annual production capacity of 5 million square meters, is the world's largest nickel foam manufacturers.

2。 BYD Company Limited, BYD Company Limited ( Stock code: 1211. HK) , founded in 1995, on July 31, 2002 in Hong Kong main board listing, the company headquarters is located in China shenzhen, guangdong province, is a IT, automotive and new energy three industrial clusters of high-tech private enterprises. IT industry mainly include two rechargeable batteries, chargers, electronic products, connectors, LCD display module, plastic parts, metal parts, hardware and electronic products, mobile phone keys, keyboard, flexible circuit boards, micro-electronic products, LED products, optoelectronic products and mobile phone decoration, such as mobile phones design and assembly operations. At the top of main customers include nokia, samsung and other international telecommunications customer group.

3。 Guoxuan High - Tech Co. , Ltd. , Guoxuan High - Tech Co. , Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred to as & other; Throughout the porch high-tech &; ) Series power battery industry in China the first national enterprises to enter the capital market, became public in May 2015, the stock code 002074. The porch high-tech patented technology, except in China has a large distribution in Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, and other overseas countries also have the distribution of patent technology mainly covers four advocate material, structural design of batteries, batteries, batteries, processing technology and equipment, BMS, PACK, test and evaluation, dismantling and energy storage, such as patent layout covering the whole industrial chain technology of the battery.

robot battery manufacturer in shenzhen as a strong overall strength of the lithium battery pack manufacturer, can provide customers with batteries + BMS + structure design of customized services, from the special requirements of batteries feature configuration, production, processing and manufacturing, and then to design manufacturing suitable application fields of BMS, followed by the structure design of the battery PACK at the end of the battery PACK, is completely independent, security quality of battery, let the customer rest assured purchase.

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