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Domestic top ten lithium-ion battery manufacturer of listed companies

by:dcfpower     2020-12-02

the domestic production of lithium ion battery company is more and more, the lithium ion battery is mainly used in notebook computers, handheld mobile power supply, the modern industrial robot and so on products, more perfect with the technology of lithium ion battery technology mature, lithium ion battery in the field of aerospace power revealed a broad prospects for development. Are you on the production of lithium ion battery of listed companies is not clear, that good today, we look at domestic lithium ion battery manufacturer listed company!

1。 Ningde era of new energy technology co. , LTD. ( Brand name: CATL ningde era)

ningde era of new energy technology co. , LTD. ( CATL) Founded in 2011, the company headquarters is located in ningde, fujian. Companies insist on independent research and development at the same time, also actively with the international and domestic companies, universities and research institutes to establish a scientific research cooperation, focus on the technology of battery industry.

2。 China aviation industry group co. , LTD. ( Catic lithium electricity) brand name:

BYD Company Limited was founded in 1995, across the IT, automotive and new energy three major industries, and respectively in Hong Kong ( H shares) And shenzhen ( A shares) On the market. Byd business layout covering electronics, automobile, new energy and rail transportation and other fields, and play an important role in these fields, byd is listed on the Hong Kong and shenzhen, turnover and total market capitalization of more than one hundred billion yuan.

3。 Guoxuan High - Tech Co. , Ltd. ( Brand name: the porch tech center)

Guoxuan High - Tech Co. , ltd. is specialized in new lithium ion battery and its materials research and development, production and management of the listed companies have to lithium manganese is a multivariate compound as the core, the main products are materials and batteries, lithium iron phosphate ternary batteries, power battery, battery management system and energy storage battery pack. Products are widely used in pure electric commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, logistics car and hybrid cars, and other areas of the new energy vehicles.

4。 EVE Energy Co. , Ltd ( Brand name: million weft EVE)

can weft lithium was founded in 2001, since the gem listing in shenzhen in 2009, the registered capital of 3. 500 million yuan. Beijing countries battery technology co. , LTD. , with a lithium battery pack founding team in China.

5。 Zhejiang Narada Power Source Co. , Ltd. ( Brand name: SMW NARADA)

was founded in 1994, based on the high-end industrial battery and new energy fields. In terms of new materials, has a lithium ion battery anode materials, valve control battery anode materials and electrolyte materials are a number of core technologies.

6, Shenzhen Desay 'Technology Co. , Ltd. ( Brand name: desai DESAY)

Shenzhen Desay 'Technology Co. , Ltd. , the main large power Battery and energy storage Battery power management system and the encapsulation integration business. Company has become the global well-known manufacturers in the field of small and medium-sized mobile power supply, with the global main batteries factory cooperation.

7, shenzhen volt battery co. , LTD. ( Brand name: walter battery)

shenzhen walter battery co. , LTD. , founded in 2002, shenzhen walter m battery co. , LTD is the earliest successful research and development of new energy automobile power battery, lithium iron phosphate the start-up power, energy storage system solutions and take the lead to achieve the scale of production and batch application of lithium iron phosphate batteries. Products covering domestic 31 provinces and cities, and exported to more than six continents 40 countries and regions, and passed the relevant certification and testing.

8, amd power co. , LTD. ( Brand name: amd)

was founded in 1998, is famous in the world of professional green energy solution provider. Specialized is engaged in the power and energy storage type colloid lead-acid batteries, lithium battery pack research and development/manufacture of modern enterprise, company research and development production of lithium ion power battery with zhongtong coach, nanjing jinlong, 'walter buses, zhongtai, China faw, foton ou hui, interpretation of magnitude of many well-known enterprises established long-term cooperative relations, and exported to Europe, the americas. The next three to five years, to become the world's leading manufacturer of energy service providers, operators, and lithium ion battery manufacturer.

9, China aviation industry group co. , LTD. ( Catic lithium electricity) brand name:

Shenzhen Desay 'Technology Co. , Ltd. , the company's main products are lithium ion power Battery, the monomer volume covers 10 to 500 ah ah, the main application fields include electric vehicles, electric energy storage, military applications, rail transportation, mining equipment, etc. Company's products through the national 863 project power battery testing center testing, and entering the international market of CE, UL, TUV, Rohs certification, etc. Companies and products in domestic and overseas markets and military market with high reputation and influence.

10。 ( Forthcoming) ( Brand name:)

set up 19 years, shenzhen power co. , LTD focus on providing customers with rechargeable battery design customization, and professional power solutions. Technology focus on portable, mobile electronic devices and the battery energy storage products research and development of customization, including lighting lamps and lanterns, medical apparatus and instruments, care products, hardware tools, consumer digital, solar lamp energy storage, and so on. High and low temperature nickel metal hydride batteries, high and low temperature lithium battery pack is special products.

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