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Electric lithium battery life a few years, 24 v electric lithium battery service life is long

by:dcfpower     2020-11-10

after the Chinese bureau of statistics released the specific situation of the bicycle industry development, it is worth mentioning that electric car production for 3609. 30000, rose 10. National standard of 1%, in this car models more than one thousand two hundred, account for one-third of year-round production output. Due to the rapid development of electric vehicles, in the national institute of standards and 3 c production license, under the impetus of the lithium lead to progress accelerates, lithium battery development potential is very rapidly. A new era in constant progress, everyone is vigorously promoting environmental protection and energy saving, environmental protection, green environmental protection of electric lithium batteries, electric vehicle entered every household. That we see today electric lithium battery life a few years, 24 v electric lithium battery service life is long.

a few years electric lithium battery life

lithium battery is more than the lead-acid battery service life is long. The vast majority of lithium battery pack service life design in one thousand ( Normally the ternary lithium electricity materials) The appearance of, that is, 3 - Many lithium electricity distribution equipment in four years time, through a few years later, still normal use. So, li-ion battery life after fast to the final is still must be replaced. 。 Can also be said that the lithium battery life is & other; Five hundred times & throughout; Refers to not charge several times, but is a charge and discharge cycle time. A charging cycle time on behalf of the whole of the battery power by using full to empty, again by the empty into the full process, this is not the same as to charge. , for example, a piece of lithium electricity use only about half of the electricity, on the first day and then recharge it slowly. If the next day and so on, which is half filled, a total of two charging back down, it also can be a charging cycle time, instead of two.

24 v electric lithium battery service life is long

household electric vehicles ( Especially for cheaper price) Usually chosen are ternary lithium battery, because of its high energy density, the distance is longer, the more meet the demand of the current subsidy, so many manufacturers are chose this battery. But, at the time of the order, you must be fully considered, it is more convenient, but the durability of the corresponding also worse.

to explore the life of the battery, first have to see it choose what is the battery. At present the mainstream of domestic pure electric vehicles, usually choose are lithium iron, ternary lithium and lithium titanate battery. Three types of batteries, lithium titanate life expectancy, even up to 8 years; Lithium iron times, usually in the appearance of five years; Ternary lithium is the lowest, usually only three years.

24 v. v. electric vehicle lithium battery life than the lead-acid battery is high quality. The battery of lithium electricity than lead acid battery life longer, manufacturers are normally three years. Due to the lithium electricity technology development, 24 v lithium battery electric cars began to enter into many Chinese families. Compared with the traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium battery service life is long. The vast majority of lithium battery service life design in one thousand, is the 3 - Four years time.

electric lithium battery has strict charge several times, usually in the one thousand - In the 3 - one thousand two hundred times and life For five years. and lead acid battery is very different, however, must be recharging after running out of battery when not in use for a long time, need to charge once every two months, to prevent the battery protection, and long battery life.

24 v electric lithium battery maintenance way

now the international standard lithium batteries are free of equipment maintenance, if want to know and use to comply with the manufacturer. If do not use is lithium battery for a long time to fill on-off electricity, charging, usually three months will charge does not use, in order to maintain the activity of lithium battery. If the lithium battery inside is in a state of losing electricity or no electricity for a long time, will accelerate old invalid, meanwhile it is important to pay special attention to the storage battery can place to air dry room temperature.

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