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Ev lead acid battery and lithium battery which good

by:dcfpower     2020-11-17

now China, sold to buy electric cars on the market at present thousands of various well-known brand, and lead acid and lithium battery ( 锂电池) Two batteries of electric cars two different, each have each advantage, electric cars despite the rapid development for so many years, but a lot of people for the selection of the battery was confused for a long time, so we really are lead-acid battery to choose good, or to choose the lithium battery good? In fact, according to this problem, you also need not too confusing. Today let's say ev lead-acid battery and lithium battery which good.

lead-acid batteries is better.

lead-acid batteries is much higher than the lithium battery sales, sales of more and more widely used, if you want to choose a more popular battery, there is no doubt that is the battery. Lead-acid battery is relatively inexpensive, in other words, price is relatively high, and its quality is good, not cheap quality is poor, on average, buy lead-acid storage is more cost-effective.

a, lead-acid batteries are inexpensive.

usually, 1 set of lead-acid need hundreds of yuan, only 1 set of li-ion battery, just need to more than one thousand piece of nearly two thousand yuan.

2, lead-acid batteries, safe and reliable.

do you still remember last year in nanjing that a woman riding a lithium battery electric vehicles, considering it was so hot, seat suitability of li-ion battery explosion, blowing the ass flowering news event? There side that is turn of lithium batteries, use lead-acid battery in high temperature weather, rarely happens such a serious explosion

three, lead-acid battery life time is long, enough.

now the lead-acid electric vehicle battery life is normally have more than 60 km, for family use, sufficient. Li-ion battery is not necessary.

4, the quality of the lead-acid battery

it is the total weight of light, that is, electric installation using it run longer, use of time is relatively long, as far as possible need not long time continuous use is good in the summer.

the place on put together is narrated, lead-acid battery than lithium batteries used up insurance security, application scope is quite widespread, most people choose to use lead-acid batteries, there is no doubt that there are so many people to use his reason. Of course, the lithium battery is relatively good, use rise also does better than lead acid battery. You can also take lithium batteries, lithium batteries are larger than the energy, than the total weight or energy, lithium batteries are more than three times that of lead-acid batteries. size smaller, lighter weight. Under the circulation service life is long, we actually take a look at the advantages of lithium battery, choose the advantages of lithium battery.

electric lithium batteries

1. Without memory effect

in the traditional lead-acid battery electric vehicle charging, have long been concerns about battery memory effect occurs, such as use the lithium battery, everyone can panasonic, lithium battery with no memory effect, so in the process of daily charge don't need too scary!

2。 of green environmental protection, environmental pollution is small

lithium battery than lead-acid battery of environmental pollution is small, drainage of waste in the process of production processing and manufacturing less harmful than lead-acid battery heavy metal pollution. Compared with traditional lithium-ion batteries battery is more and more green, little pollution to the environment, long service life to avoid the traditional battery conversion brings environmental pollution to the environment.

3。 Compared to body size, lighter weight, easy to carry bulky lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and lighter!

compared to lithium battery in lead-acid battery requires a much smaller size and quality, as is often the case, lead-acid battery in 16 - the total weight 30 kg, larger; The total weight and lithium batteries usually in 3 - 3. 0 kg, volume is relatively small, so the ride and lighter, transportation is convenient. Normally lithium battery electric vehicle and beautiful and easy, easy to move, a lot of lithium battery pack electric vehicles can also carry out folding.

overall, lithium trams and lead-acid electric cars the zha to choose, which one is good, still should see its own expenses budget, demand to determine. However, considering the new gb national policies promulgated after the electric cars but must first change to register the registration after suitability can be normal ride, so to give preference to accord with a standard electric car best.

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