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Explanation of commonly used terms in battery

by:dcfpower     2021-03-26
When using batteries, such as reading manuals or precautions, we often encounter many professional terms. Obstacles to understanding these terms make it difficult for us to truly understand the meaning of what we read. Here are a few of the most common ones. Professional terms about batteries. 1. Overdischarge: It refers to the behavior of discharging the battery after the battery contains less than the standard content. 2. Overcharge: In contrast to overdischarge, it refers to the behavior of charging the battery when the power in the battery has reached a full state. 3. Complete discharge: refers to the behavior of discharging in accordance with the standard discharge current specified by the battery and stopping after reaching the specified normal voltage. 4. Rated voltage: when people express the battery voltage, they usually use the theoretical value of a standard voltage slightly lower than the initial voltage. 5. Self-discharge: When the battery is disconnected and not used for a long time, and the current is not discharged to a certain electrical appliance, the internal power of the battery will automatically lose slowly. 6. Internal short circuit: refers to the internal short circuit caused by the connection of the positive and negative poles in the pole group inside the battery due to dust or water vapor, etc. 7. Constant voltage charging: refers to the charging method that keeps the voltage stable and continues above a certain level during the entire charging process. 8. Constant current charging: refers to a charging method that maintains a stable current above a certain level during the entire charging process. 9. Trickle-type continuous supplementary charge: refers to a charging method that continuously supplements the battery with a small current in order to compensate for the battery power reduction due to battery self-discharge. u003c/pu003e
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