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High temperature environment causes thermal runaway of 18650 lithium ion battery

by:dcfpower     2021-02-20
Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in various electronic components, such as notebook computers, cameras, mobile phones, etc., due to their high working voltage, high power density and energy density, long charge and discharge life, no memory effect, and no pollution. In recent years, its application has been expanding to large and medium-sized power or energy storage equipment/facilities such as electric vehicle power, renewable energy storage, communication network backup power, and military reserve power supplies. Lithium-ion batteries are very likely to become the dominant green storage in the 21st century. / For energy. The numbers in the 18650 lithium ion battery represent the external dimensions: 18 refers to the battery diameter of 18.0 mm, and 650 refers to the battery height of 65.0 mm. The life theory of 18650 lithium battery pack is 1000 cycles of recharging, mainly used for notebooks. In addition, because of its very good stability at work, it is also widely used in the electronic field. It is often used in high-end glare flashlights, portable power supplies, wireless data transmitters, electric heating warm clothing, portable instruments and lighting equipment, portable printers, industrial instruments , Medical equipment, etc. The safety of lithium-ion batteries has always been a major problem restricting its further development, and the safety of batteries is ultimately reflected in temperature. With the complexity of the use of lithium-ion batteries, the probability of lithium-ion batteries being exposed to high-temperature environments is increasing. Under the conditions of increasing external temperature, the internal temperature of the battery is also increasing. Due to the strong exothermic reaction, the battery temperature suddenly rises, leading to thermal runaway, which may cause fire, explosion, etc. Scholars at home and abroad have conducted research on the thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries, including research on the thermal stability of battery materials, exploring the mechanism of thermal runaway and seeking more safe battery materials. Hatchard et al. established a one-dimensional thermal oven model of lithium-ion batteries to predict the thermal behavior of lithium-ion batteries during the abuse of the oven. Spotnitz et al. established a lithium-ion one-dimensional layered abuse model and simulated a lithium-ion battery oven test, and found that the negative electrode binder played a small role in the thermal runaway process of the battery. Kim et al. simulated the evolution of the internal temperature field of cylindrical batteries of different sizes in the 155 ℃ oven test by establishing a three-dimensional thermal abuse model of lithium-ion batteries, and studied the diffusion process of chemical reactions inside the battery. Lai Pengfei and others established a three-dimensional numerical model of a cylindrical lithium battery pack, studied the influence of temperature and charge state on the thermal runaway of the battery, and proposed a critical curve analysis method to determine the thermal safety of the battery. These theories and related experiments provide a basis for understanding the thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries in high-temperature environments, but these studies are based on oven tests, and there is little involved in the process of thermal runaway of lithium-ion batteries under constant heating power conditions, and the amount of heat released by reactions. . u003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003c/pu003e
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