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High temperature lithium battery performance characteristics and use of the domain

by:dcfpower     2020-10-28

the current environmental pollution of the world's growing over time, become the social from all walks of life strongly advocated by the issue of green environmental protection. Now a lot of green environmental protection industry market enterprise products have been developed. In the battery industry market, lithium battery is a super nova, the future will send out infinite light. Its benefit from the safe and reliable, lighter weight, long service life, charge and discharge completely, maintenance cost is low, no memory effect basic characteristics such as quick capture the industry market, and is gradually replacing traditional lead-acid battery, of course, in addition to this, * important basic features a lithium-ion batteries is green environmental protection.

the lithium battery pack is divided into three yuan of lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, manganese acid lithium iron batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and other species

solar integration integration cost advantages, do not need to debug, convenient and quick assembly, transport is very easy, so that its low risk is relatively low. And our sheng integration integrated solar street light life is long, the late maintenance simple. Application of environmental protection material, the machine enterprise products are lead-free, application of lithium batteries and battery, no pollution, protect the ecological environment is advantageous to the long-term interests.

over time, the temperature of the earth is becoming more and more high, for our increasingly technical specifications and requirements are becoming more and more high, especially in the part of the environment of high temperature or summer car enterprise products using lithium battery pack, it will be a test of the lithium battery materials and design.

doing li-ion battery in recent years, over time, the main application field for lithium electricity is becoming more and more rich and colorful, waterproof moisture-proof, explosion-proof type, high temperature, low temperature, outer space and so on these rules, the lithium electricity experts also to the improvement of the positive test, the current under the high temperature lithium batteries do a preliminary introduction;

the main areas of application: outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, high tension line intelligent robots, monitoring equipment, automotive equipment, car canopy, boiler applications.

the problems are: battery bulge peng rising, battery life is severely weakened, battery voltage;

these problems embodied in several aspects:

1, the party did not detail with the production application situation, only given the conventional voltage capacity requirements, not to give the temperature regulation and current regulation and other special requirements, design the battery performance can not meet the specific needs of performance;

2, battery manufacturers have no high temperature battery production, battery positive electrode active material with high cobalt acid lithium anode materials, battery electrolyte is important to adopt high temperature electrolyte, battery diaphragm must use high temperature resistant porcelain membrane, and its production process flow and secret recipe to mass experiment concluded according to the secret recipe;

test specification: full battery put in incubator, debugging to a temperature of eighty ℃, the temperature over eighty ℃ in the box, put battery in 4 hours in the incubator, began to 0. 2 c began to discharge current, battery electric after, no significant inflatable battery; After being cooled, put a full charge, the electricity, the battery discharge capacity and time no significant decline, appearance without damage, confirmed the battery high temperature performance, such as inflatable or abate high temperature battery performance not represented through life.

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