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How about nano lithium batteries?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-15

Nano materials are used to improve the electrochemical performance of lithium battery pack anode materials and have obvious effects. Nanomaterials used in lithium-ion batteries, although for electrodes with large volume changes during charging and discharging, can greatly reduce the problem of electrode pulverization and significantly improve the cycle characteristics of electrodes with larger dimensions.

Recently, Jianyu Huang of Sandia National Laboratory in the United States and his research team announced that they have successfully developed the world’s smallest nano-lithium battery. The rechargeable lithium battery is summarized Manufactured under a projection electron microscope at the Center for Nanotechnology (CINT).

The anode of the nano-lithium battery is composed of a tin dioxide nanowire with a diameter of 100nm and a length of 10μm, which is only 1/7000th of a human hair. The nano-battery is also oxidized by 3mm long lithium cobalt. It is composed of a material cathode and an ionic liquid electrolyte, and the 'assembly' is completed under a projection electron microscope.

Developers originally hoped to use it to deeply understand the atomic structure changes of lithium batteries during the charging and discharging process, so as to find ways to improve the output power and energy density of lithium-ion batteries. In the study, they unexpectedly discovered that the length of the tin dioxide nanowires almost doubled during the charging process, rather than the width stretched as previously predicted. Such findings can help improve lithium battery planning and prevent internal short circuits that can shorten battery life.

The study found that the previously unknown changes in the anode of the nano-lithium battery pack before and after charging.

Jianyu Huang, who is in charge of the research project, stated that the ultra-miniature battery manufacturing method they developed can stimulate more research on the manufacture of micro-batteries, so as to have a more comprehensive understanding of the control of battery performance and reliability. mechanism. Nanowire-based lithium-ion batteries will be significantly improved in charge density and energy efficiency compared to existing lithium batteries. In the future, hybrid vehicles, notebooks, mobile phones and other lithium battery pack products may benefit.

Because the research of nanomaterials is currently mostly in the laboratory stage, nanomaterials are prone to agglomeration, so how to prepare nanoparticles with controllable particle size and solve the agglomeration problem of these particles during storage and transportation needs to be further Research.

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