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How apple lithium battery health recovery, mobile phone battery health recovery method

by:dcfpower     2020-11-05

power consumption is far from enough with always is a technical problem, moreover is smartphone welded to bend gens. Apple apple mobile phone, left hand right hand, behind also carry a laptop, but use day and night, lithium batteries are not what it used to be. Smartphones display power sometimes a minute or two to fall by one hundred percent, sometimes a minute or two to rise two hundred percent, the high low on a roller coaster. At this time, we just need to know how apple lithium battery health recovery, the guys here in apple lithium batteries, for example, to learn this way in our daily life we's interest, and then we look at how apple lithium battery pack health recovery, mobile phone battery health recovery method.

how apple lithium battery health recovery

1. Iphone motherboard interface and battery are safety precautions, filled with after disconnect input, negligible damage to the battery, so to speak. Iphone remind two hundred percent power consumption in the future, we can recharge the, don't again until the battery is charging, the charging box, great damage to the battery deep discharge.

2。 Battery is a consumable, cheer people up, natural wear and tear, replace the battery. Most junior partner in taobao shop to buy batteries, most sellers claim what zero loop, I can tell everyone that most unscrupulous merchants machine change, really original battery usually has 1 ~ 2 follow bad, pay attention to guard against don't be fooled.

3。 When using smart phone must be used properly, don't play mobile phone games, in charge of this kind of the battery damage or larger, apple is interference lithium battery pack health.

three phone battery health recovery method

first of all, if your iPhone is China mobile version, at the same time, smart phones are still in the case of 3 packets of period of validity, if battery is less than eight hundred percent health can go to apple store changing a new battery. Because in the use of such a short time, apple battery health is less than eight hundred percent is a good in a bad situation, also said that this is the battery mechanical failure, apple will be fully free repair for the user to type conversion. Of course, this is limited to China smart phone, if it is American version or other mobile phone version of the model at home do not enjoy preferential policies for maintenance.

second, if the battery is below eight hundred percent health, if the battery can charge and discharge normally, if used in determining the noninterference, also can choose to use. If interference experience, that can choose or find technology professional repair shop replace the battery. I want to remind here, be sure to select the original battery or is on the battery, at the same time if you are using a iPhone7 above models, that is after the replacement battery is need to be professional security protection technology, or interfere with smartphones moistureproof effect.

in the end, buy a fast filling head or back battery. Nowadays various domestic smartphone manufacturers have released a quick charge technology, also released the most quick charge head at the same time, such as millet fast filling head support to charge the iPhone, such can alleviate poor battery life bring trouble. In addition, the back battery is also a good choice, although let smart phone become more and more complex, but life can get very obviously improved.

this method can let the battery charging circuit, calibration can be overheated battery consumption. If the above methods failed to solve the problem, may be the reason for the battery itself will need to official maintenance point for conversion.

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