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How big is 18650 lithium battery capacity? 18650 capacity calculation method

by:dcfpower     2020-10-28

18650 the size of the battery is fixed, & other; 18 & throughout; Mean diameter, 'sixty-five' on behalf of the relative height, & other; 0' On behalf of the cylindrical. 18650 can achieve much mah lithium battery pack capacity of the largest, is still a very very interesting question, 18650 lithium battery pack capacity is closely related to the type size specification, the key lies in thick, total width and total length of the battery. In addition is also closely related with material and size of the battery, we take a look at below 18650 lithium battery capacity have how old? Capacity calculation method of 18650! ! ! !

18650 lithium battery capacity have how old?

in testing laboratory is now more than three thousand five hundred mah capacity can be made with the 18650 battery, poor stability and reliability consistency but also, a short period of time also can't turn into mass production. If some people say that which has three thousand five hundred, four thousand mah apparently erratic, look at the price you know. The large capacity of present mass on the market to buy 18650 lithium battery is 2950 mah, the capacity of a battery is called them three thousand mah. Is still a 2200 mah - at the moment 2600 mah capacity within the scope of the battery is relatively stable, relatively mature perfect technology application in different aspects. If is to do the battery pack is best without using high capacity battery, no matter from practical effect or group after the situation of the service life of the battery, all of them are very uneconomic purchase plan, because in lithium batteries capacity is higher using the less stable.

18650 lithium battery as the current manufacturing using the most common type of lithium ion batteries, lithium battery pack capacity is 18650 manufacturers of key selling point, in addition, the same capacity of 18650 high-end brand batteries, lithium-ion batteries and factors that influence the price of 18650 mah lithium battery capacity distribution in one thousand to three thousand between mah, but relatively sophisticated technology application is in commonly 1800 mah to 2600 mah. Mass selling industry market currently has around 2950 mah, the capacity of a battery is known as three thousand mah, the capacity of all basically are imported.

the current common 18650 conventional battery capacity

18650 nimh batteries work voltage of 1. 2 v, common capacity is two thousand five hundred MAH

18650 lithium battery pack voltage is 3. 6 v, common capacity is one thousand five hundred MAH - 3100 mah

18650 capacity calculation method:

battery capacity ( C) Method: the discharge capacity of C = cell ( Constant current) I× When the discharge degrees ( Hours) T。

in turn: discharge time T = C/discharge current capacity ( The constant knowledge flow) I。

, for example, an electric pool with five hundred MA ( Ma) Constant electric exile for two hours, so that the capacity of a battery is equivalent to five hundred MA * 2 h = one thousand MAH = 1 ah. Or again, a battery with 5 Ann exile for two hours, so the capacity of the battery is 10 ah. We give 18650 lithium batteries as possible when you need to pay attention to, the use of closed idle process, scientific and rational power saving. Cultivate good habits, do not need to wait until completely thoroughly without electricity charge, also need not long time continuous frequent charging.

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