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How is the life of lithium-ion batteries? | FAQ

by:dcfpower     2020-10-30

people through sickness and death, has produced with decaying waste lithium batteries, lithium batteries it is unable to use and had to scrap again one day, people call this phenomenon the lithium battery life. People from the date of birth, have already decided on the limits of life, this is can't change, however, People's Daily life habits whether science can decide within the limit of extending length; Offline lithium batteries from that moment on, also has a limit of life, the same, whether the use and maintenance of lithium battery decision scientifically the lithium battery pack in extending length within the limit of her life. This length, by charging and discharging cycle, various types of lithium ion battery their natural lifespan ( The theory of charge and discharge cycle) Don't agree with each other, for convenience, we use the most commonly used cell phone lithium battery pack in this specification.

people often hear an argument is that the life of the lithium battery pack is & other; 500 times & throughout; , the principle of lithium-ion batteries and other Time & throughout; Refers to the cycle of life, that is, a complete charge and discharge cycle, industry test method is: the depth of discharge & times; Charging = circle life and discharge on numerical depth was 80%, the charge and discharge at least 625 times, 80% & times; 625 = 500, Times) 。 Discharge depth refers to in the process of the battery, the battery discharge capacity of the percentage of its rated capacity. With 80% depth of discharge, because there is a close relationship between the discretion of the depth of discharge and recharge life, discharge depth is too big, will shorten the battery life. We are in the process of cell phone of daily use, when the mobile phone battery is low, the charge is about to begin. Therefore, the cycle life of 500 times is the theory of lithium battery life.

because people cannot fully attention to charge the problem in time, so, on a production line of lithium battery, manufacturers under the condition of the test to test out the theory of life, is not necessarily can reach your battery, for your battery is: the actual number of charging & times; The depth of discharge = actual battery life. Cycle life, the concept of clear, we will be able to apply to vendors/consumer calls & other; Charging & times; × × Time & throughout; And & other; Charging & times; Throughout years &; Phase difference.

selling appliances or logo on battery can be recharged, is based on 80% depth of discharge. So someone hear & other; 500 times & throughout; The thought must put the cell phone battery recharged again, the idea is not scientific in theory, in practice is also wrong, in so doing, would be just as the overcharge or too early to put the battery structure destroyed, shorten the service life of lithium-ion batteries.

the other is a common phenomenon, usually for battery to use for several years, with mobile phone manufacturers warranty for one year's commitment to this commitment from the battery manufacturers, actually as the beginning of the article says, lithium battery actually can use many years, and is closely related to the correct way of using the lithium battery, in addition to the provisions of the discharge depth ( The discharge) And prevent overcharge, there are some factors will affect the service life of lithium-ion batteries, such as the size of the current and voltage, environment temperature, was idle power to maintain and so on. It should be pointed out that, the natural life of lithium-ion batteries, after all, there is a cap, we usually say & other; Extend the life of the lithium battery & throughout; Methods, actually means, through the proper use and maintenance of lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries to release more to release energy.

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