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How long it will take car battery charging, car batteries usually how long is the charge?

by:dcfpower     2020-11-15

in the phase of driving car, is not only dependent on the various types of car engine parts and maintenance, or a car battery, the battery in the vehicle without powered up, as the supply of electricity as lithium battery pack for power supply, household appliances cars within the leisure entertainment, lighting lighting, the rise and fall of safety glass, etc. Note: do not use for a long time after the engine flameout, electrical equipment or cause battery loss, cannot be started. So for battery, relatively concern is no electricity, in the phase of driving, no electricity is also relatively troublesome situation, recent battery small make up to see this situation, that today we take a look at a car general how long is the rechargeable batteries.

how long car battery charging

car battery charging normally takes 20 hours. 12 v60ah analysis, charging methods: choose constant voltage current-limiting methods for charging, constant pressure 14. 16 hours 8 v 15 A charging current limiting to 3 A constant current charging 4 hours, A total of 20 hours. When car operation according to the generator to the battery supply electricity, but the battery is more serious loss of electricity need to supply electricity, as early as possible on automobile's own charge completely alone is not enough, can only use a portable electric car charger to recharge the battery, automobile starting batteries for 20 hours.

how to solve the car battery charging full

1. Large quantities of air bubbles formed inside the battery, it produces boiling phenomenon; ( Note and maintenance-free battery, close to listen to bubbles, dense no)

2。 Terminal voltage up to a maximum and no longer rise in two hours; The voltage of the battery in 12. The appearance of 38 v, that is the battery full charge the

3. Electrolyte rose to the highest level, and no longer rise in two hours. Electrolytic liquid level in the yellow area, and that is the battery full charge the

car batteries charging is note

1. To avoid when the car battery charging

it is ok to let the battery charge, after using can charge slightly longer. In the daytime charging can better grasp the time. After the battery rectified, proposed deep discharge the battery once a month, after the deep discharge again for electric vehicle batteries, charging for the car battery to control charging time. This battery in the electric power recovery there will be a very big use.

2。 Choose to charge in the daytime, easy to control the charging time

charging is easy to control the charging time in the day, will not lead to let the battery for the first time produce excessive charge and discharge conditions, it is easy to make the inside of the battery normal chemical reaction for the first time.

3。 Charging charging outdoors better

the battery of electric vehicle charging will run out of the combustible gas, therefore charging must not be in a small, sealed environment, choose the air circulation, moisture, and the environment temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, village is more suitable for charging pile, when the battery electric vehicle display is at the end of the square, have to think about don't ride, ready to charge.

may cause of the car battery without electricity:

1, in the car after the machine stops running, refrigeration and air conditioning, music machine such as high power electric didn't pass, are prompt battery are more serious loss of electricity, bear in mind that cannot be used in so long.

2, battery life does not save the electricity or the end of self-discharge.

how to know your car need to recharge battery's dead

1. Detection of light at night. When night driving, car hanging into the gap, or automatic buffer at a red light to stop, if the light is very dark, this suggests that the life of the battery will do. Due to the fact that the gap is the engine idle speed running, not enough to supply the night lights of power, the vast majority of the batteries at this moment, when at the end of the battery life, it will be difficult to supply sufficient lighting electricity, so the light will be dark.

2。 The car lighter. Car powered up, if the light was very obvious lack of motivation, lighter than the speed of the past, it is proved that lack of power supply.

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