Lifepo4 battery manufacturer Specialized in Energy Storage Battery since 2009.

How many 3.2v 100ah lifepo4 battery are produced by Ruiyuan Electronics per month?
The monthly capacity of Shenzhen Chuangneng Ruiyuan Electronics CO.,LTD. lifepo4 battery fluctuates from various seasons. During the peak season, our products experience sales growth for the excellent performance and favorable price compared to other similar products. During the rest of the time, we've been focusing on optimizing crafts and technology to further enlarge the production capacity.
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Ruiyuan Electronics is a global manufacturer, delivering top quality custom lithium battery packs to businesses of all sizes without the associated high costs. The battery cells series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The product is less likely to accumulate the bacteria. The materials used features strong antibacterial properties which would reduce the growth of bacteria. Ruiyuan Electronics has a highly qualified team that loves energy storage battery development.
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We incorporate sustainable development actions into the aspect of our business. We mainly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and design our products to minimize waste.

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