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How many cell phone lithium battery voltage is normal

by:dcfpower     2020-10-04

today's society, network communication, and communication network is highly developed, the mobile phone as a necessary each, relative to a smart phone, the battery is very crucial parts, no battery, smart phone can normal boot operation. Relative to the cell phone battery, if you want to know more? Let's look at how much smart phone lithium battery voltage is normal.

how many cell phone lithium battery voltage is normal

general smartphone lithium ion battery, working voltage of 3. 7V。 Current efficiency: dormant when the current is small, dial-up Internet access, WeChat voice when current is relatively large; Near the base station, signal is stronger, the current will be slightly a little bit small. Work smart phone during charging voltage can achieve the largest 5 v, like the house use electrical equipment, principle of working voltage is 220 v1.

all kinds of the battery electromotive force is completely determined by the electrode material, can not be changed. What material do the battery, its working voltage is stationary. The working voltage of the lithium battery is 3. 7 v, so the working voltage of cell phone lithium battery pack is 3. 7 v is normal.

molding products considering the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries, the internal structure with protection chip, can effectively prevent overcharge, self-discharge. If once the battery self-discharge, protective circuit, voltage of the battery will be 0, it doesn't can self-discharge again.

cell phone use lithium battery pack note

if the voltage is less than 2. Continue to use 75 v (. . . Discharge) , it will cause the battery capacity reduction, reduce the life of batteries, the overcharge will also reduce the service life, and the battery will be bulging, battery pack deformation occurs, even will still have the explosion risk, we must bear in mind that software carefully.

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