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How much do you know about the tips of drone maintenance?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-17

Playing with drones is no longer the patent of the ultimate enthusiast, but the popular fashion. However, it seems that a tall drone will inevitably be worn out during use. Some people say that drones need three parts to use and seven parts to maintain. This requires users to pay attention to daily maintenance, so that they can greatly extend their service life and are safer when flying. Today, Grignard Battery shares some tips for drone maintenance. I hope everyone will have a safe and enjoyable time.

1. Waterproof, moisture-proof, sand-dustproof

Water, rain, sand and dust are the three biggest natural killers of UAVs, which have great damage to UAVs. force. Although drones will not be damaged when exposed to water, the general drone products currently do not have the waterproof function. If it rains suddenly during aerial photography, it is best to return and land immediately, and then cut off the power to dry the drone. It is best to air-dry for a while or put it in a moisture-proof box to absorb moisture, and use it after making sure that the moisture is removed.

In addition to rain, sand and dust have a great impact on UAVs, especially equipment such as motors. Try to avoid taking off from sand or gravel ground. If there is really no way to fly in the desert area, you should clean up as soon as possible after using the drone to reduce the impact of sand and dust on electronic components.

2. About the maintenance of the battery

Among all the equipment of the drone, the battery that consumes the most is none other than the battery. For the battery, the six principles should be followed as far as possible: Don't charge, don't discharge, save when dissatisfied with electricity, don't damage the outer skin, don't short circuit, and don't catch cold, which can further extend its service life. Try to avoid running out of battery power when flying, maintain at least 15% power when returning home, and fly at a constant speed.

To check whether the battery can be used, there is a simple way: observe whether there is a bulge on the outside. Batteries with bulges must not be used anymore. Some UAV special batteries are installed in the protective case, and you can observe whether the batteries are loose after installation. If the installation is not smooth, it is likely that the battery swells and squeezes the protective case out of shape.

When using the battery, pay attention to whether the voltage and power drop too fast. Under normal circumstances, if you use it twice a week, at most one year the battery will begin to deteriorate significantly.

If you often go out for aerial photography, you should also pay attention to the effect of temperature on the battery. From 'tropical' to 'frigid zone

3. Recognize the shock-absorbing ball

If you find that the video image is unstable when you are flying out for aerial photography, it is not necessarily a problem with the gimbal at this time. First, check the shock-absorbing ball on the shock-absorbing plate connecting the gimbal and the aircraft.

When the jelly phenomenon occurs in the shooting video, there is a high possibility that the shock absorbing ball is too hard or damaged. Once it is found to be damaged, it should be replaced immediately to avoid distortion or fluctuations in the aerial footage. Under normal circumstances, self-purchased gimbal products may be equipped with a variety of shock-absorbing balls to suit different aircraft.

4. Pay attention to the propeller.

The propeller is also one of the equipment that is quickly consumed by drones, especially for novices, so you should pay more attention. Although in normal use, there are not many chances of the UAV falling to the ground causing the blades to break, but tree collisions due to visual errors or improper manipulation occur frequently. At this time, you need to pay special attention to whether there are cracks and gaps in the blades that directly affect flight stability. If the damage is serious, it is better to replace the propeller directly.

5. Motor vs flight stability

In addition to the propeller, the motor has the greatest impact on flight stability. If the drone tilts for no reason or fails to land smoothly when hovering, there may be a problem with the motor. You can try to recalibrate the fuselage before taking off. If the problem still occurs, you must send it to the factory for maintenance in time to avoid the occurrence of motor stalls that may cause the UAV to lose control or even crash.

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