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How much is a piece of lithium-ion batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-25

in daily life, the lithium battery pack in the electronic components is relatively common, a friend a friend asked if cells are small make up a lithium battery is how many money? Actually cannot treat as the same price, the price is related to many aspects with artificial material, brand, are inextricably linked, specific see battery capacity of the domestic import prices differ widely now, product quality is different also, on the other hand if higher requirements for the battery current can choose current voltage high power lithium batteries. Today we take a look at how much money a lithium battery.

3。 7 v 4000 mah 507685 high temperature lighting lamps and lanterns of polymer lithium battery pack

it's batteries models: EPT & reg; 3. 7 v 4000 mah 507685 polymer soft package. Product size: 5 thick. 0 76 wide. 0 85. 0 ( Max, MM) 。 Nominal voltage: 3. 7 v

it's nominal capacity: 4000 mah, 0. 2 c discharge. Initial resistance: & le; 150mΩ。 The factory voltage: & ge; 3. 7 v

it's due the battery voltage: 4. 2V。 The battery discharge cut-off voltage: 3. 0V。 Standard charging ways: 23 & plusmn; 2℃ 0. 2C CC( Constant current) Charge to 4. 35 v, CV (again Constant pressure 4. 35V) Charging until the charging current & le; 0. 02 c

it's charging current: standard charge: 0. 2 c quick charge: 0. 5C。 Charging time: standard charge: 5. 5 ~ 6. 5 h quick charge: 1. 5 ~ 2. 5 h。 The maximum charging current: 0. 5C ( 10℃~+45℃)

it's standard discharge current: - 10℃~+55℃( Sustained current: 0. 2 c cut-off voltage: 3. 0V) 。 The maximum discharge current: 1. 0 c

it's working environment: charging: 10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, Max. 85% RH, discharge: - 10℃~ + 55℃,马克斯。 85%RH。 Lithium electricity protection, overcharge protection, discharge protection, over-current protection discharge, discharge short circuit protection, etc.

battery product features

1. Large capacity batteries, long service life, high cycle times

batteries feature: the batteries for a long life, lifetime 2000 mating cycle, high power continuous charging and discharging. High battery life cycles, meet the low carbon environmental protection, environmental protection, energy conservation, ecological environmental value concept; Areas of application: high temperature of lamps and lanterns, lighting lamps and lanterns.

2。 Lightweight structure design of lithium battery pack

use high-energy type aluminum-plastic film plastic flexible packaging, lithium battery pack energy density is high, the reasonable and effective to enhance the service life of electronic equipment, to achieve a long life. Standard two thousand mah high capacity batteries, performance is stable, wide range of environment temperature, resistant to over charge discharge, long service life, etc.

3. service life is long, high temperature resistant low temperature

production out of battery capacity is also can achieve very large, at the same time has good environmental adaptability, in minus 20 ℃ cold summer weather conditions, or cold area can keep good running performance parameters.

4。 Advanced production design department, the fast development of the figure

very professional production development and design of battery engineer over 20 years experience in design and development, professor. As on the one hand, according to the small make up understand there is a professional research and development department, design of drawing production success within a week. At the same time with total quality supervision system, more than one thousand employees all involved in the battery parts quality inspection and supervision.

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