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How much is the section of the dry cell voltage v - The battery

by:dcfpower     2020-12-11

so far neither to the entity stores, or is the purchase of dry cell sites, a variety of corporate brand, all kinds of specifications of the battery full of beautiful things in eyes, dry cell should belong to a battery, is usually for extensive applied to daily life, and the battery is relatively light. Dry cell can be applied to on pretty much electrical appliances equipment. Over time, the rapid development of science and technology progress, dry cell rapid development has become a large clan, keep pace with 18650 lithium-ion batteries in the battery industry giants, to so far, already has more than one hundred. So a section of the dry cell voltage is how many? Let's take a look at a section of the dry cell voltage is how many volts.

section of the dry cell voltage is how many v

in our family to use the battery voltage circuit for: carbon dry cell open circuit voltage is 1. No-load voltage of 65 v, alkaline dry cell is 1. 63 v。 The actual load voltage in 1. More than 5 v, so a general designation system 1. 5 v battery. 1. Voltage of 5 v standard, which is also known as power rating, refers to the battery anode materials are caused by a chemical change of potential difference, thus the voltage value. Dry cell of the standard voltage of 1. 5V。 Common dry cell internal structure of known chemical reaction intensity of the electrolyte can be realized only make battery play out about 1. 5 v voltage level. The voltage with chemical ionization is closely related to the trend, the overall closely related with the cathode and anode materials, zinc and carbon rods in the electrolyte of electric potential is about 1 avenue. 5 volts.

zinc manganese battery, alkaline batteries, nickel cadmium battery section battery voltage is how many v

1. Alkaline batteries ( LR6)

alkaline battery symbol models for LR6, single battery voltage is 1. 5V。 Characterized by a large capacitance, generally for common battery 2 ~ 6 times, and can be large current self-discharge. Comparison is suitable for the recorder, external flash must be large current control system for electrical equipment.

2。 Rechargeable batteries ( Nickel cadmium battery)

single battery voltage is 1. 1 or 1. 2V。 It says on the battery, NICKEL - CADMlIUM nickel cadmium battery, marked NICKELMETALHYDRIDE ( Or NI - MH) For nickel metal hydride batteries. Rechargeable battery charge and discharge cycle is five hundred ~ one thousand five hundred times, but large current self-discharge, self-discharge moment resistance to change is not big, self-discharge the end resistance to improve significantly. In the nimh battery no memory, and so far the biggest capacitance is 2700 mah, so a more excellent than the nickel cadmium battery, the economy and the ecological and environmental protection performance characteristics such as good, certainly will gradually replace the alkaline batteries, nickel cadmium battery.

3。 Common battery ( Zinc manganese battery)

ordinary zinc manganese battery ( Or carbon batteries) Nominal voltage is 1. 5 v, the new battery will be higher, the new production of ordinary zinc manganese battery can reach 1. 55 ~ 1. 6V。 R6P for large capacitance, the advantages of alkaline batteries. A small packet AM3 / UM3 is alkaline and carbon.

section of the characteristics of the dry cell

1. Light weight, disposable products, can be any combination into need the working voltage of the dc regulated power supply.

2。 Ecological environmental protection of green environmental protection, green health products, but must pay attention to the dry cell damage, should be centralized recycling properly handle, otherwise it will cause environmental pollution

3. Safe and reliable application coverage

apply to light the searchlight, semiconductor devices, tape recorder, sanyo radio recorder, digital cameras, electronic clock, children's educational toys, etc. , and also is relatively more suitable for safe and reliable defense, science and technology research, telecommunications, ocean sailing, international airlines, various industries in social and economic fields such as medicine, are fully functional.

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