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How much is the ternary lithium battery life cycle times

by:dcfpower     2020-11-22

what is a ternary lithium battery

in nature, lithium is the lightest, atomic mass minimum metal elements, its atomic weight is 6. 94g/mol,ρ=0. 53g/cm3。 Lithium chemistry and cheerful, very easy to lose electrons are oxidation for Li +, so the standard electrode potential is negative, for - 3. 045 v, electrochemical equivalent minimum, 0. These characteristics of 26 g/Ah, lithium determines it is a very high specific energy of materials. Ternary lithium battery refers to choose three transition metal nickel cobalt manganese oxide as the anode material of lithium secondary battery. It works fully integrated good cycle performance, nickel cobalt acid lithium on the ratio of acid lithium manganese acid lithium capacity and high safety performance and cost saving, etc, using molecular level interleaving, inclusion, coverage and surface modification methods such as synthesis of nickel cobalt manganese compound lithium oxide embedded multielement synergy. Widely at present stage is the scientific research and use of a lithium ion rechargeable battery.

the ternary lithium battery life

lithium battery life is refers to the so-called battery in use after a period of time, loss of capacity for the nominal capacity ( Room temperature 25 ℃, standard atmospheric pressure, and with 0. 2 c discharge of battery capacity) 70%, you can feel life end. In the industry generally to lithium battery full cycle times to calculate the cycle of life. In the process of using, lithium battery irreversible electrochemical reactions can occur within the capacity decline, such as the electrolyte decomposition, the inactivation of active material, is the collapse of the cathode structure embedded in lithium ion and the total number of embedded off reduce and so on these. Experiments show that the higher ratio of the discharge will cause the loss of capacity faster, if low discharge current, voltage battery voltage will be close to balance, can release more energy.

lithium battery pack life cycle is how many times

the theory of ternary lithium battery life is about 800 - cycle, belongs to the medium in the commercialization of rechargeable lithium batteries. Lithium iron phosphate is about 2000 times, and lithium titanate reportedly can reach 10000 cycles. Current mainstream battery manufacturers in the production of three yuan batteries specifications (service commitments of more than 500 times in the Under the condition of standard charge and discharge) Group, but the batteries in the battery pack after considering the consistency problem, mainly is the voltage and internal resistance is unlikely to be completely the same, the cycle life of about four hundred times. Manufacturers recommend using SOC window is 10% ~ 90%, it is not recommended for deep cycles, or you will to cause irreversible damage to the battery is the cathode structure, if can be calculated by shallow shallow filling, cycle life of at least 1000 times. In addition, the lithium battery if often at a high rate and continuous high temperature environment to devolve electricity, battery life significantly dropped to less than 200 times.

the ternary lithium batteries

1. Battery structure stability, safety performance and stability is extremely strong

consider to choose the new generation of batteries technology, in the guarantee long life at the same time, the product energy density up to 151 wh/kg. The ternary lithium battery safety performance and stability, high strength. But high Mn content will be prone to spinel phase and destroy the layered structure, reduce capacity greatly, the circulation loss.

2。 Battery capacity is big, longer battery life

battery energy density is big, the same battery size can hold more power. Some models battery capacity to 53. 6 KWH and car battery capacity reached 60. 2 KWH, and points the battery life, which laid the foundation for long life. The higher the voltage platform, the greater the specific capacity, so the same volume, weight, and even the same ampere hour battery, high voltage platform ternary material lithium battery life is longer.

3。 Battery has a long history of development, there are a number of national standard

before shipment, the battery has over 30 national standards and 52 enterprise standard authentication, in the midst of this include: excessive charging, losing electricity, the inverse phase, fault, falling, extrusion, fire, mechanical impact, collision simulation, corrosion resistance of rigid inspection items. After shipment, also the continuous high temperature, such as the extreme cold and plateau area over millions of kilometers of road test, the effective full test and verify the reliability of the battery and vehicle.

4, still can work in a different environment, high temperature resistant to cold

the ternary lithium battery activity will change under different working conditions, it also caused the charging efficiency under different environment. Using EMD3. 0 technology, integrated the various battery active auxiliary function, greatly improve the convenience in the daily charging process. Stable material layer structure, reduce the impedance value, improve the electrical conductivity, enhance the efficiency of circulation and performance.

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