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How much money a 18650, 18650 how much is a lithium battery?

by:dcfpower     2020-12-02

now 18650 battery main application is very extensive, 18650 battery life in theory for the charging circuit 1000 times. Considering the density of unit capacity is very large, its stability when he worked in the battery discharge performance is very good, is widely used in high-grade light flashlight, portable power, wireless data transmission device, electric heating warm warm clothes, portable lighting, portable flat-panel printers, industrial production, and in the field of medical instruments, etc. Some friend ask how much a small make up 18650, 18650 how much is a lithium battery? Below small make up to you to introduce 18650 how much is a related content.

how much 18650 lithium batteries a

comprehensive considering today's global population increases unceasingly, intelligent technology development more and more important to humans. Increasing environmental protection new energy be used, in order to better protect the renewable resources, energy conservation and environmental protection product development design and the use to now becomes especially important. In the battery market now. The traditional lithium phosphate lead-acid batteries, thick and heavy, life is short, serious environmental pollution. In recent years, 18650 lithium battery pack development trend is very rapid, is light in weight, can fast charge, and no pollution to the environment is very suitable for now the new energy and environmental protection policy. There are a lot of friends asked you on our battery production. Said: & other; How much money a 18650 lithium batteries & throughout; , in fact, 18650 battery price you can't talk. Price and the factors closely together. With labor costs, brand-name manufacturers, using what kind of raw materials all have relations.

18650 lithium battery manufacturer enterprise there are many kinds of the brand and model, price, of course, every manufacturer is not the same. Generally there is a difference. If want to know about cylindrical lithium battery pack manufacturer also can view the stamp here. New battery product research and development project technology actually spend more manpower and resources. And most of the lithium battery manufacturer is to support customer consumer custom lithium-ion batteries, I found there is a high-end battery technology in shenzhen enterprise brand manufacturers. That is the shenzhen science and technology co. , LTD. , hereinafter referred to as EPT, was founded in 2001, shenzhen battery production base is in meizhou, specializing in the production of polymer lithium batteries, the production of nickel metal hydride batteries and battery industry, the industry leaders. Polymer battery and 18650 nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries can be customized for clients a variety of styles. Classic 18650 lithium batteries are: 3. 7 v 5200 mah POS machine 18650 ternary lithium batteries, 3. 7 v 2000 mah 18650 yards gun ternary lithium battery, 3. 7 v 2000 mah POS machine 18650 ternary lithium battery.

18650 batteries

1, 18650 more durable, battery capacity is larger

polymer and 18650 which is durable, mainly the applications, if a headset bluetooth movement even though 18650 battery durable also can't let go in ah, size without restrictions, however, personal advice in 18650, is relatively durable.

2, polymer battery material is more complex, 18650 lithium battery pack relatively simple

polymer which is complex and 18650 a very alarming is that security is not absolute. High quality 18650 batteries than the safety of the inferior polymer batteries is good many, therefore consumers still is to polish eyes to identify, batteries, quality assurance, 18650 volume will be larger than the polymer, so from a portable, polymer batteries will be relatively light. Polymer which is more complex, and 18650 relatively polymer battery models and specifications, different models of battery, the battery capacity and battery specifications are not the same, not familiar with polymer lithium battery battery demanders customized programs, polymer battery is much more complex.

18650 how much is a lithium battery?

general manufacturer you ask 18650 lithium battery prices are basically won't give you a direct offer, this is because want to consider from many sided, need to see you buy the demand quantity, processing cost, product type, etc. The price of lithium battery pack with labor costs, manufacturers strength, the production of raw materials, logistics, transportation etc. A down and look at the following factors affecting polymer lithium battery price.

1。 18650 lithium batteries offer also has something to do with the battery diaphragm

usually import battery diaphragm quality relatively must be better than the domestic production of battery diaphragm, lithium batteries offer each big manufacturer with battery diaphragm use quality also has a lot to do, the product research and development of the need to look at his use lithium battery performance index using the standard specification.

2。 18650 lithium batteries offer relationship with the enterprise brand manufacturers strength size

18650 lithium battery price and lithium battery manufacturer's technical innovation ability, firmly connected. The stronger the manufacturers strength, its technology, the more the more production and technical personnel. Research and development of the sample production cycle is shorter. Have requirement in bulk, lithium batteries will be a little bit more than the small lithium battery factory lower unit price. Small batch of small type electric battery manufacturer price will be lower. The main reason is because open mold fee is not the same as the result of artificial cost is not the same.

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