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How much money buying lithium ion battery price

by:dcfpower     2020-11-27

with this & other; Super energy & throughout; And & other Environmental protection new energy & throughout; Reputation of lithium ion battery, since the 1990 s was so far, from electrical components button battery in the product category, touch screen mobile phone, DC class electronic products in the lithium battery, to new energy power lithium-ion batteries in electric cars, has been increasingly widely used in the production and processing of manufacturing and in real life. With other batteries, lithium ion batteries both in size, total weight, or from the use of performance, has a particularly large advantage. If you want to start also don't know to choose which type of! So how exactly how many money does buy lithium ion battery price, let people ternary lithium battery manufacturer with everybody to know about the lithium-ion manufacturing price.

18650 advantages of lithium battery

1, the big amount 18650 lithium battery storage capacity is 1200 mah ~ 3600 mah, usually the battery capacity is 800 mah, usually if combined into 18650 lithium-ion battery pack, the 18650 lithium battery pack pack is easily to be able to reach 5000 mah.

2, long lifespan, 18650 lithium battery pack warranty period is long, everything is good when using cycle life can reach more than 500 times, more than double is a common battery.

3, high safety coefficient 18650 lithium battery safety coefficient is high, it is not easy to produce combustion, explosion; No poison, green environmental protection, through the RoHS certification trademark; All kinds of factor of safety (MVP, cycles is more than 500 times; High temperature resistant performance is good, 65 - degree condition to devolve electricity efficiency up to 100%. In order to prevent the short circuit batteries, 18650 across the electrodes of lithium battery pack is separated. So it is likely to short-circuit phenomenon has long drop to acme. Can be equipped with protection board, avoid battery overcharge too, so also can increase the warranty period of the battery.

4, can be in series or transmitte synthetic 18650 lithium battery pack pack 8, with wider range of use such as pos machine, underwater vacuum cleaners, hardware tools, solar street lamp, digital cameras, mini radios and other electronic devices.

2, how to buy good ternary lithium battery pack brand

1. Shanghai treasure hubei industrial co. , LTD. ( Brand, Po e)

Shanghai bao industrial co. , LTD. Is a company located in Shanghai baoshan district of hubei high-tech enterprise registered capital of 5 million, the specialty is engaged in the new generation of lithium ion battery module and the relevant materials in the industry of research and development, production, sales, and technical services. As a highly innovative ability of lithium batteries ( Group) With the power system as a whole solution research and development manufacturing enterprise, advanced management idea, excellent r&d team, first-class products and services constitutes the core of our competitiveness.

2。 Shenzhen PuXun battery co. , LTD. ( Brand, pu) -

shenzhen PuXun battery co. , LTD is one specialized is engaged in the battery modules independent design, technology research and development, production sales, lean services for the integration of high-tech enterprises; Careful management, focus on research and development, focus on quality, professional service spirit of enterprise; To service innovation, continuous dedication and respect the Shared corporate values and innovation is fundamental, quality is life, efficiency is the goal, continued is the future of the enterprise purpose, at the same time carrying out in green technology to serve the society, the great mission of the low carbon life for mankind, to professional and excellent. 5. In lithium energy

3. Xu sent power co. , LTD. ( Brand, xu sent)

xu sent safe lithium battery one of the leading enterprises in the manufacturing industry, to build the world first-class modern lithium battery exclusive production and processing of manufacturing production workshop, has now successfully completed! High-end automation equipment production capacity to further improve the production efficiency at the same time also reduce the manufacturing cost, at the same time also will further enhance the product quality and integrity, xu send lithium battery safety issued by plenty of ammunition for dealers under the new future, significantly enhance the establishment of the new factory xu sent security li-ion battery capacity.

4。 ( Brand, ept)

founded in 2001, is a professional manufacturer of the source of the hydride and lithium-ion batteries, the company now has a shenzhen the two production research and development base, the specialty is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of green environmental protection pollution-free rechargeable battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium polymer battery, ternary lithium battery and so on a variety of design types of batteries. Now artificial already reached 1000 extra people, core management and technical personnel today already has 20 years working experience in manufacturing industry, the production processing manufacturing ni-mh battery global market share is as high as 3% already, now in the top five in China.

how much money buying lithium ion battery price

actual size how much the price of the lithium ion batteries of different type of lithium battery custom price is different, if you need detailed configuration parameters, also please contact customer service for your answer. Ok, thank you very much appreciate the lithium ion battery Qian Wenzhang price, if you need help, please call. You will try to meet the requirements of the people here to you.

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