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How much money to buy 18650 lithium battery price

by:dcfpower     2020-11-29

today is for everyone plays crucial role in many places like the 18650 lithium-ion batteries, we will start from the price, at the same time also will involve 18650 performance parameters of the characteristics of lithium batteries and other information. And sales from the current market condition assessment, I think, their performance is very good, so the product is one of the trusted consumer products.

the lithium battery market share in recent years time the passage of time and gradually rising, but at present there is a urgent problem that is the market price of lithium-ion batteries is very disorder, most manufacturers will according to reduce product quality problem to reduce costs to increase profits, so the product is a no shelf life, the second is no after-sales maintenance services, and in the case of a purchase to be thoughtful. The friend asked small make up, 12 v lithium battery price how many money how much is a set of lithium battery price? prices for custom, to will be confirmed according to the actual parameters do you want to purchase price compared with other manufacturer's right or not, please see below small make up for people to buy 18650 how much is the price the detailed content of lithium-ion batteries.

what is the 18650 lithium batteries

is the founder of the lithium ion battery - 18650 - Japan's SONY company in order to better improve the efficiency and set a standard of lithium ion battery model, including 18 said to 18 mm in diameter, 65 said length is 65 mm, 0 means for cylindrical batteries. Here are 18650 sweep code gun ternary lithium battery parameters is introduced in detail in need can contact us.

3。 7 v2000mah18650 scan code gun ternary lithium battery

it's batteries models: EPT® 3. 7 v2000mah18650 lithium battery. Nominal voltage: 3. 7 v

it's nominal capacity: 2000 mah ( 0. 2 c discharge) 。 Size: 20 * 66 mm

it's the factory voltage: & ge; 3. 7V。 Charge cut-off voltage: 4. 2 v

it's charging time: standard charge: 5. 5 ~ 6. 5 h quick charge: 1. 5 ~ 2. 5h。 Charging current: standard charge: 0. 2 c quick charge: 0. 5 c

it's standard discharge current: - 10 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃ constant current: 0. 5 c cut-off voltage: 3. 0V。 The maximum charging current: 2 c ( 5℃~+45℃)

it's biggest discharge current: 5 c ( 0℃~+55℃) 。 Working environment: charging: 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃ Max. 85% RH, discharge: - 20℃~ 60℃max。 85% RH

it's lithium electricity protection, overcharge protection, electric protection, over-current protection discharge, discharge short circuit protection, etc.

product features: high security, long life, high and low temperature, high efficiency. Main application fields: scan code gun, POS machine, hand-held devices and mobile terminals, solar street light as the density of the unit capacity is very big, so commonly used in most for laptop battery, at the same time, also commonly used in high-grade light flashlight, portable power supply ( Mobile phone portable charger) And so on.

the above 18650 lithium battery prices how much lithium battery how much content is for reference only, please, the actual size specifications for different types of 18650 lithium batteries price how much lithium battery custom price is different, if you need detailed configuration parameters, also please contact customer service for your answer. Ok, thank you very much appreciate the 18650 Qian Wenzhang lithium battery pack price, if you need help, please call. Your request we will try to satisfy you.

18650 lithium battery how much price of lithium battery manufacturer

EPT founded in 2001, the Internet of things is specialized in nickel metal hydride batteries and lithium polymer batteries and battery research and development, intellectual building, nimh batteries is dominant revised national standard units, and participate in a variety of polymer battery industry national standards. EPT founded in 2001, specializing in nickel metal hydride batteries and polymer battery research and development, intellectual building, nimh batteries is dominant revised national standard units, and participate in a number of polymer battery industry national standards. Figure e, power & reg; And EPT® A registered trademark of shenzhen science and technology co. , LTD. The company has independent research and development center ( Covers chemical, electrochemical, security, materials research and development) , and Harbin industrial university, Shanghai institute of microelectronics, guangdong institute of petroleum and other colleges and universities and research institutes, to establish production-study-research cooperation. Company general manager Mr Wang Shoujun alkaline battery for China standardization technology committee, was named shenzhen high-level professional and technical personnel. Driven by technology, in the industry created B cells; In the field of digital using modified manganese acid lithium battery pack. At research and development of lithium electricity security guide, successively solve around the security for the shenzhen science and technology plan projects. At present a total of 45 national patents, of which 17 invention patents, and obtain OVNIC patent license in the United States.

18650 because the battery is industrial materials, and the vast majority of the 18650 no integrated protection circuit, therefore, when using the protection of the battery depends on household electrical appliances circuit, no protection, cause loss of battery capacity, more serious when the battery is invalid. 18650 lithium batteries can also be divided into a lot of kinds, sold on the market at present is 18650 lithium-ion batteries based on brand capacity into multiple price, the difference between each other according to different consumer market consumers and industry.

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