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How safe use lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-11-19

buy new battery, the first step is to regularly check the battery is accord with a standard ( Mainly includes the unpacking check the battery have crowded injury, bending deformation condition) Immediately, if produce problem, get in touch with lithium battery manufacturer for processing. In the process of the development of intelligent robots or is everyone using smart phone lithium batteries or is everybody use the storage battery, more or less involved in using lithium battery, and lithium battery if wrong operation will cause larger safe hidden trouble that cause disaster, that today follow you battery manufacturer to take a look at how to safely use lithium battery.

how to use lithium-ion batteries safer?

1。 In use to avoid parts of the body touch with lithium battery

in use, also need not the lithium battery positive and negative parts of objects touch with metal products, also need to remove metal products object and the high temperature area, in order to prevent the short circuit fault of lithium-ion batteries. The temperature of the battery before charging it is strictly prohibited at room temperature is higher than 40 ℃; Charging the upper limit of voltage higher than 17 shall be strictly prohibited. 48 v charging temperature should not be higher than 45 ℃; Personal advice to select on regular manufacturers, reliable product quality and safety of the charger, the battery pack personal advice using the charger have balance function.

2。 In ultra-low temperature or ultra high temperature environment to devolve power frequency as far as possible to reduce or control the

lithium battery pack stored for a long time in cryogenic ecological natural environment and the air is dry, that four hundred percent of the electric charge should be stored under the temperature of 1030 ℃. Battery is blow up, bending deformation, seepage, or voltage difference & ge; The condition of 100 mv battery don't discharge. Be sure to remember! ! Polymer lithium battery in theory there is no flow of electrolyte of lithium battery, but if there are one thousand lithium battery electrolyte leakage and touch the face skin, eye or other parts of the body, should rinse immediately lithium battery electrolyte and immediately went to the hospital to see a doctor.

3。 Check the working voltage of lithium ion battery before is normal

personal advice periodically check the working voltage of lithium ion battery before charging. The working voltage of lithium ion battery, up and down in the first month of lithium ion battery maximum working voltage fluctuation. Lithium ion battery maximum working voltage is limited. When the battery voltage is higher or lower, the lithium ion battery charging characteristics and safety factor will be damaged. Treat transport batteries need to be filled, the measure such as collision avoidance, the battery against strong impact or vibration; If found any abnormal battery characteristics, such as battery plastic sealing side is damaged, the casing damage, can smell lithium battery electrolyte, lithium battery pack electrolyte leakage, etc. , do not use, because of the lithium battery electrolyte leakage or lithium battery electrolyte smell of battery will be safe hidden trouble, to prevent fire risk prevention.

4。 charge before use as far as possible with some

the lithium battery is different from the nickel chromium alloy and nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries, because the lithium battery has very fragile features, even after a period of no circulation system, lithium battery should be full of, then stored under different power consumption can reduce the loss of volume, different extent and rate of brittle fracture.

5。 Should not be the whole process of the battery overcharge or overdischarge

should not be the whole process of the battery overcharge or overdischarge, people often like to after a period of time the number of filling machinery processing equipment, so that their mechanical processing equipment can withstand much longer. Charging for a long time and power loss is lithium battery characteristics of serious damage and damage, more serious will cause explosions and other extreme cases, so the lithium battery pack is enough. Non-professionals don't secretly against batteries, battery or the battery into fire is forbidden, also don't bubble leaching liquid ( Such as fresh water, lake water, beverage, fruit juice, etc. ) , otherwise is likely to cause internal short circuit, cause, battery burning cheerily, prohibit any time.

when we use lithium battery, you should pay special attention to the possibility of using the original battery on mechanical processing equipment, and the battery to ensure that natural ventilation tube heat, especially the best not to put the bed on the mobile phone batteries, in order to prevent battery explosion caused by heat accumulation. in the future a long period of time will continue to be a popular choice, improve the safety factor of the rechargeable battery is the center of the currently most manufacturers pay special attention to.

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