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How to activate the sealed battery, battery dormant state how to activate

by:dcfpower     2020-12-13

don't remove the battery cell phone crashed? Now can activate batteries, like this kind of situation we should do, about to activate the battery at the bottom of this problem for many people, here you then take a look at how to activate the sealed battery, battery how dormancy activation method.

how do not remove the battery activation method

1. First step, the sealed battery cell phone under the condition of freezing, is more complicated, it is because the card will make us very helpless, there is often the case, many mobile phones are basically according to long press to turn it off, time - probably in 7 seconds 10 seconds will automatically restart.

2。 If do not press the key of long, this time you don't have to continue to press, the phone was laid aside, to carry out the system automatically adjust, usually after phone card machine speed is often program stuck, phone will carry out own adjustment, this will take time, you don't have to.

3。 Mobile phone system automatically after a certain period of time adjustment, long press the key again, this time often mobile phone also can close the restart, basically be still is in a state of card machine.

4。 If cell phone still can't restart the cases, when people see you buy mobile phone is the warranty period still in the range, in the case, the mobile phone get warranty place to carry out maintenance, often become everyone's mobile phone inside the hardware which have gone bad. Maintenance of time, you'd better ask clear specific reason, to ensure good maintenance, can't see you can also start the feel good, often might be due to hardware problems, then you may to take back the cell phone may card machine is broken again.

5。 If the phone has been a period of maintenance, you can choose your own teardown, usually mobile disassembly is relatively simple, find a place to lock screw, can open with a screwdriver, then pull out the power supply, it is ok to reconnect.

cell phone battery is automatic shutdown after open the machine battery dormancy how

a, using direct charging power supply

cell phone battery is automatic shutdown after open the machine, don't worry, this time mobile phone actually not bad just because electricity can not run away so open. When the electricity is ok. Small make up proposed using direct charging power supply, instead of using the computer jack and mobile power supply, the latter two charge is very slow.

cell phone battery is automatic shutdown after open the machine battery dormancy how

2, insert the battery charging after

smart phones battery is automatic shutdown after open the machine, the first step in a suitable environment to recharge, not easy to charge too cold environment, then remove the battery inserted, most of the time this kind of method was quick, charging indicator of time that has already begun filling, after careful patient for certain time can be started.

three, use master batteries

will not recharge my mobile phone is put on the power supply of electricity, don't worry. This is because the start is also need power, if the charge still doesn't work, you can use the universal charger for mobile phone battery. Only need a certain time after phone batteries can be reactivated, this time in return for the inherent way of charging method.

4, metal wire to carry out the activation

return to step 2 question, basic it is smart phones now few people have matched charger. If there is no seat charger it doesn't matter, in fact, two small wire can solve a problem. To two wires and a piece of battery, will be two pieces of battery is negative cross linked, it didn't take long to activate dormant cells.

5, charging time start again

no matter use which kinds of methods to activate dormant cells, are not anxious to start. Startup needs certain barely even if battery charge it into some electricity, flashing when start again soon. Proposed charging half an hour after the start, after the mobile phones into flight mode.

6, mobile phone repair shop activation

after the try out various methods to detect or charge it into electricity, this time will need to consider whether the battery is broken. You can also use the backup battery and see, if still unable to open may be damage of the operating system, on the other hand is dormant cells can be activated. Make repair is there a way to give you activate the phone, also do not collect fees.

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