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How to assemble a large-capacity lithium battery?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-12

How to assemble a large-capacity lithium battery, do you want to know? Then we must first learn to understand the battery. Because large-capacity lithium batteries are generally assembled by a combination of lithium battery cells.

If you want to know how to assemble a large-capacity lithium battery, you must first understand a principle: the series connection of battery cells only increases the voltage without increasing the capacity; the parallel connection of the battery cells only increases the capacity without increasing the voltage.

Let’s find out how to increase the capacity of the lithium battery pack:

For example, I want a 6000mAH, 16V large-capacity battery. If the voltage of a cell is 4V and the capacity is 1200mAH, then you need 20 cells. It is to form a series unit group with 4 cells to become a 16V battery pack. The capacity of such a battery pack is 1200mAH, and then 5 such unit battery packs are connected in parallel, so that a 6000mAH, 16V battery pack can be obtained. Large-capacity lithium battery pack.

Problems to pay attention to when assembling large-capacity lithium batteries:

1. The voltage difference of the lithium battery pack cells used should not be too large, preferably within 20mV;

2. It is not recommended to use batteries of the same type from different manufacturers for assembly, because manufacturers will cause inconsistent work efficiency between the batteries and easily damage the battery due to differences in production technology and battery material formulations.

3. Even if the lithium battery cells of the same manufacturer are used, they cannot be mixed with old and new;

4. Even if the cells are from the same manufacturer, it is recommended to use the same batch of production. Batteries;

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