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How to buy batteries for common digital devices?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-19
u003cpu003eu003c/pu003e First of all, let’s talk about our most commonly used electronic devices-mobile phones. Now high-end products, such as MP4, notebooks, and iPhones, all use polymer batteries. Let’s make it simpler. It is called a soft pack. The advantage is that it is not easy to explode, has a high capacity, and is much better than liquid batteries in terms of voltage and charge-discharge cycle life. Generally, the effective charging and discharging of the battery is 500 times. People say that the garbage battery may not be used for 200 times. Of course, it does not mean that the battery will be broken after so many times, but the charging quality is greatly reduced. The full charge time is longer than before. It is much shorter. It is recommended that you buy original mobile phone batteries. The original factory production quality is guaranteed and there are three guarantees. If you use counterfeit batteries, there are not only safety hazards, and it is difficult to get compensation if an accident occurs. The battery usage time of current smart phones is much lower than that of previous feature phones. Most smart phones are charged daily. If they are used frequently, they may even need to be charged several times. In order to facilitate charging, it also makes up for the time spent on mobile phones. Mobile power has become the user’s first choice because of its shortcomings, so what kind of battery mobile power is better? There are two kinds of general mobile power supplies: 18650 and polymer. They are all lithium batteries. The 18650 is cylindrical, and the product volume and weight will be larger after combination; the polymer can be flat and the product is thinner. The polymer lithium battery pack has large capacity, small size (thin), and the most important thing is safety (will not explode, at most it will only bulge), and now the technology has become more and more mature, if users need to buy mobile power, it is recommended to buy Products of polymer batteries. The first battery equipped with notebook computers is nickel-cadmium battery, but this kind of battery has a memory effect. It must be discharged before each charge, which is very inconvenient to use. Moreover, this kind of battery is also bulky, heavy, small in capacity and short in life. Other shortcomings, so it has been abandoned by the market. Then there appeared nickel-metal hydride batteries, but this kind of battery also has a memory effectAt present, the mainstream in the market is lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. Among them, lithium ion batteries have the advantages of small size, light weight, large capacity, low memory effect, and short charging time. In addition, the cost of lithium ion batteries is relatively low, so Used extensively by businesses. The lithium polymer battery has many obvious advantages such as high energy density, smaller size, ultra-thinness, light weight, and high safety. For example, the Apple notebook uses a polymer lithium battery pack, which is extremely thin and light, but the battery life is short. Not short, it is a new type of battery. Therefore, laptop batteries can be selected according to their actual needs. If you want more cost-effective, large capacity and durable but not expensive, lithium-ion batteries are a better choice. If you have higher requirements for weight and safety, you can Choose lithium polymer batteries. u003c/pu003e
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