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How to calculate the capacity of polymer battery

by:dcfpower     2021-02-25
In the 21st century when the industry is developing rapidly, everyone knows that polymer batteries are a high-quality product, and they are currently under further research. Speaking of research, I believe that a question will show up in everyone's mind, that is, how is the polymer battery capacity calculated? The study found that the earliest applied method is to obtain the remaining capacity by monitoring the open circuit voltage of the battery. This is because there is a definite relationship between the battery terminal voltage and the remaining capacity, and the remaining capacity can be estimated by measuring the battery terminal voltage. The limitations of this method are: 1) For batteries produced by different manufacturers, the relationship between open circuit voltage and capacity is different. 2) Only by measuring the open circuit voltage of the battery without load can a relatively accurate result be obtained, but most applications need to know the remaining capacity of the battery during operation. At this time, the voltage drop generated by the internal resistance of the load current will affect the open circuit Voltage measurement accuracy. The internal resistance of the battery has a large dispersion, and this dispersion will become larger as the battery ages, so it will be very difficult to compensate for the error caused by the voltage drop. To sum up, the method of real-time estimation of battery remaining capacity through open circuit voltage cannot achieve sufficient accuracy in practical applications, and can only provide a rough reference value. Another method that is widely used is to estimate the remaining battery capacity by measuring the net charge flowing into/out of the battery. This method integrates the total current flowing into/out of the battery, and the net charge obtained is the remaining capacity. This method can obtain satisfactory accuracy, so it is widely used in high-end applications such as notebook computers. There is also a general algorithm for battery capacity in the lithium battery industry: capacity ≈ length * width * thickness * coefficient (0.1~0.12), the coefficient depends on the size of the capacity, the larger the capacity, the larger the coefficient, the smaller the capacity, and the coefficient The smaller the value, this algorithm can only reflect the capacity of the lithium battery pack initially. The actual capacity depends on the specific product, and the capacity calculation is more accurate. The calculation of the actual capacity of polymer batteries is complicated, and there is currently no uniform standard, so it needs to be calculated according to its actual situation, such as positive and negative materials, etc.u003c/pu003e
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