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How to carry rechargeable batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-08
It’s no better to go out than at home. It’s normal to have some small worries when traveling happily. For example, in order to use the electronic products that we are increasingly inseparable from in our lives, we need to carry a variety of batteries and chargers when we go out. It's a headache. Everyone’s mobile phone, two fathers’ electric razors, Yuyao’s JPad, Yuyao’s father’s SLR camera, Zifan’s father’s DV, Zifan’s* laptop, Zifan’s card camera, game console, MP5 , Tactical flashlights... In order to feed them, everyone not only brought their own chargers and charging cables, but also some spare batteries.    After the luggage was checked, Yuyao found that Zifan’s carry-on bag was better than others. , And it seemed to be quite weighty, so he asked him: What do you bring, isn’t it comic books and snacks again?”    Who knows that Zifan shook his head like a rattle: No, right? I didn't bring all those things that took up space. Besides, I'm an adult. It's time to discard those things. '   Yuyao laughed: Is it an adult? Why didn't I see it! Then, it's not comic books and snacks, what are they?'    Hey...what else can it be,' Zifan sighed greatly. , It’s my batteries for cameras, game consoles, MP5s, tactical flashlights, etc. They are weirdly heavy. But if you don’t bring them, it would be annoying if the battery runs out. '  咦? Can the battery be checked? Why must I carry it by myself? 'It seems that Yuyao doesn't know this rule yet, too. She is not very keen on using electronic products. Basically, she only uses mobile phones and iPads. She carries these two things with her when she goes out. She doesn't plan to check them at all, so she can't. I haven’t paid too much attention to the regulations on consignment of batteries.    Yuyao’s father listened to their conversation and felt that this matter should be explained clearly to Yuyao. After all, she might still purchase other electronic products in the future and pack her luggage. At that time, a negligence will cause unnecessary trouble.  So, Yuyao’s father said: First of all, we must make it clear that the batteries that are forbidden to be checked on board refer to lithium batteries, and most of the rechargeable batteries used in our electronic products are Lithium batteries. The reason why the consignment is prohibited is that the lithium in the battery is a very unstable metal. It is extremely easy to ignite spontaneously and ignite other items in high altitude, high temperature or when subjected to collisions. It’s an accident.” Zifan asked: It’s still possible to be bumped when you are on your back. It’s not very safe either. '   Yuyao’s father said with a smile: In contrast, the safety factor is much higher. You have also seen luggage loading and unloading. Even if you directly push the backpack on the wall, the collision will be much less force than the luggage consignment. And under normal circumstances, you wouldn’t do it that way.” Zifan said: That’s right... And if the bag I put around is sparking, I think I can detect it for the first time, and then control it to prevent it from spreading. It's in the empty luggage compartment, and it may be too late when you find it. '   Yuyao said: And the temperature of the cabin we are staying in should be much more stable than the cargo hold, and it is safer for lithium batteries.' Yuyao's father said: Well, the two points you mentioned are also very important. of. But even so, you cannot carry too many lithium batteries with you. The specific requirement is that the lithium content in the battery cannot exceed two grams. '   is only two grams?' Zi Fan exclaimed, isn't it more than just a little bit? Don't talk about two grams of my pile, more than two hundred grams, it is estimated that there are two or three two hundred grams! What should I do, can I still get on the plane? '  Yes, what can you do...' Yuyao's father put his arms around his chest and looked at Zifan sympathetically.   Ah! Ah! What to do! Can't throw it, how can I listen to songs and play games if I throw it! It's dangerous not to throw!' Zi Fan was quite worried.  Hahaha! ''Yu Yao looked at him and burst into laughter. Why are you so flustered? My dad must have teased you. I guess the lithium contained in the lithium battery pack must be very, very small, and it won't be so easy to exceed the limit, otherwise Dad himself must be busy handling the battery, so he can't bother to tell us about it. I think his two SLR batteries are not light. '   Yuyao's father said: Oh, I was found out! Okay, I won't scare you anymore. In fact, the lithium content in the lithium batteries used in our daily lives is far from two grams. Only those who need to carry large electronic equipment. Only people or businesses that specialize in lithium batteries may exceed the limit. According to the regulations of the civil aviation department, they need to accept battery capacity inspections and go through the corresponding procedures before boarding. If the battery capacity exceeds a certain safety range, they are not allowed to carry it. ' That's good! 'Zi Fan patted the baby batteries in the bag, feeling lingering.    By the way, electronic products with lithium batteries inside can still be checked, such as mobile phones whose batteries cannot be taken out, or Yuyao’s iPads and the like, but people seldom check them in, after all, they are usually fragile and valuable items.' Yuyao's father added at last. u003c/pu003e
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