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How to charge the lithium battery for the first time

by:dcfpower     2021-03-21

Because of the technical level, the popular nickel-cadmium battery has many requirements when charging, so many people now charge the lithium battery according to the nickel-cadmium battery requirement for the first time. Then the lithium battery pack is the first time What is the charging method?

1. The new lithium battery usually has a certain amount of power when it is in hand, and can be used immediately, instead of having to charge it before using it. From the perspective of theory and practice, lithium The effect of whether the battery is charged for the first time by 'recharging after use' or 'recharging after charging' is exactly the same. However, it should be noted that lithium batteries with a delivery date of more than half a year are best charged first, because the power is too low at this time.

The lithium battery should be separated from the charger immediately after the lithium battery stops charging. Lithium batteries will automatically stop charging after being fully charged (temporarily), and there is no trickle charge that 'lasts' for a long time. This is the difference between lithium batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries. After the charger is fully charged and the indicator light is on, if it is not removed immediately, due to the self-discharge of the battery and the lithium battery protection IC still has a small current flowing, the voltage of the lithium battery will drop to a voltage value that can be charged and then recharged (because at this time The charger is not removed), after another round of 'charge-voltage drop-recharge

2. The choice between power-off charging and power-on charging (actually the difference between plug-in charging and pedestal charging) is not necessary, because the impact on battery performance is the same. Some lithium batteries are designed for charging. In standby mode, but this situation is relatively rare.

3. As far as electronic equipment is concerned, the charging time of lithium batteries is generally 2~4 hours. The first charging time of new lithium batteries may be longer because there is no loss of capacity, and the result is also Full power is enough, and more charging is useless. The reasons have been mentioned above. If there is any effect, it is also a side effect.

The first charging time of a lithium battery is often transformed into the concept of 'activation'. In some lithium battery manuals, the requirement of using a lithium battery for three full charge and discharge for the first time seems to be activated, but the real purpose is similar to that of NiMH. The memory effect of the battery is not the same. This is mainly to eliminate the 'passivationThe process of eliminating passivation can be carried out during the first charge of the lithium battery, or it can be completed in a normal working environment, without deliberately doing it.

4. Fully charged: There is no 'activation' problem when lithium batteries are used for the first time. The reason is that the charge and discharge characteristics of lithium batteries and nickel-hydrogen batteries are very different, and there are deeper reasons Also, overcharging can cause great damage to lithium batteries, especially liquid lithium-ion batteries. Therefore, charging should be carried out according to standard time and standard methods, and never over-long charging.

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