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How to choose a 50 mAh lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2021-02-25
u003cpu003eu003c/pu003eu003cpu003e The 50 mAh lithium battery pack is often used in Bluetooth headsets. It is a battery with a small capacity and a small current. Generally, there are two options, one is polymer lithium battery, and the other is button battery. u003c/pu003e If the purchase requirements are based on safety, you can choose polymer batteries, if the price is the main one, you can choose button-type small-capacity batteries. The product mainly needs to ensure the safety of the battery. The battery pack and the entire system are also key to meet the preferred considerations of the corresponding equipment. Polymer batteries may not have the advantage of button batteries in size, but they are more widely used on portable mobile devices. . The 50 mAh polymer battery adopts aluminum-plastic flexible packaging in structure. The selected manufacturer must meet the requirements of increasing or reducing the thickness of the battery cell according to the customer’s needs. The same 50 mAh capacity can be installed in a smaller volume, indicating that the manufacturer has more Strength. At present, many companies are developing new battery cell models, claiming that they are cheap, and the mold opening cycle is short, which attracts the attention of consumers. Some even say that lithium batteries can also be tailored to different shapes of mobile phones to make full use of the batteries. Shell space, increase the battery capacity required by the requester, these should be based on samples to determine whether the promotion is true. Regarding the choice of 50mah battery charger: the power mismatch of the charger will have a certain impact on the battery life, so it is recommended to use the charger recommended by the lithium battery manufacturer. For this kind of battery, the general charging current is about 25 mA to 50 mA, and the current is constant and then the voltage is constant to reach the maximum capacity of the battery. However, the ultra-small capacity lithium battery of 50 mAh will also be used in small devices, such as toy remote control cars and small motors of remote control airplanes. It is relatively safe to use polymers, and the price is not expensive. It can be seen everywhere in Alibaba Taobao stores, even at roadside stalls. Note: In order to ensure the safety and reliability of the lithium battery pack, the battery should not be kept in a fully discharged state for a long time. Multi-layer protection must be adopted inside the battery pack. Do not always discharge the battery to zero to prevent the lithium battery from being overcharged. Will lose the ability to store charge, over-discharge or short-circuit and be destroyed. u003c/pu003e
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