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How to choose a good car locked cell, durable parking lock lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2020-12-06

we but with parking lock lithium batteries need how to buy? Before we answer this question, we first and everyone to the role of science about parking lock remote control parking lock can prevent vehicles entering and leaving and stolen, protect the parking Spaces are occupied by the others, is beneficial to improve the efficiency of parking management and improve the whole brand image properties. That how to choose a good durable parking lock the battery? Today we take a look at six. 4 v 12 ah 32650 specific parameters of intelligent parking lock lithium iron phosphate batteries! ! ! !

batteries models: 36500 3 EPT. 2 v 6000 mah lithium iron phosphate battery

nominal voltage: 6. 4 v nominal capacity: 12000 mah

it's nominal capacity: 12000 mah you size: 147 * 45 * 84 mm even charge cut-off voltage: 7. 3 v

it's discharge cut-off voltage: 4. It's 0 v charging current: standard charge: 0. 2 c quick charge: 0. 5C( 0℃~45℃) It's maximum charging current: 0. 5C ( 5℃~+45℃)

it's standard discharge current: - 10 ℃ ~ + 55 ℃ constant current: 0. 2 c cut-off voltage: 4. 0 v it's maximum discharge current: 0. 5C( 0℃~+55℃)

it's lithium electricity protection, overcharge protection, discharge protection, over-current protection discharge, discharge short circuit protection, etc.

battery characteristics: waterproof IP67 rating dust, high security, can be used for American manufacturers designated manufacturers

parking lock the battery note:

1. Charge must pay attention to cover the host of the back cover

is the principle of the remote control parking lock cell will be installed on the host of the back cover, battery made of aluminum alloy die casting and metal shell, thus ensure the remote control parking lock at run time, avoid the corrosion by water vapor, so also must pass to the quality of the battery.

2。 Should pay attention to when charging the battery and whether there is loose phenomenon between lock

remote control parking lock in rechargeable battery, battery cables between the parking lock and love you and union are also want to check to see whether loose, go abroad because of poor contact connection, lead to have a spark, it is very likely blasting effect of the battery, will be remote control parking lock damage. So when we give parking lock the battery must be aware if there is a loose phenomenon between the battery and locks.

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