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How to correctly select polymer lithium battery manufacturers

by:dcfpower     2020-10-27

can see basic are compared in this paper, the article wants to buy lithium polymer battery customers or manufacturer clients! Everyone is know to polymer lithium battery basic basic it is commonly used in the aerospace navigation, cruise missile reproduced machine equipment, electronic communication equipment, medical equipment company, auto car, mobile charging equipment, artificial intelligence, etc. That how we can choose the right good polymer lithium battery manufacturers? Today we are together and see it!

a, understand polymer lithium battery manufacturers ranking

at present on the market for lithium battery's demand is relatively large, so many factories are firmly grasp the opportunity to enlarge the production of lithium batteries, did better in many of the lithium battery pack manufacturer brand, usually have a lithium battery intention customers choose and buy, can access to the Internet to find today's lithium battery manufacturer rankings, this kind of method is relatively more convenient and quick, can quickly get the information they want.

2, detailed consultation polymer lithium battery after-sales

the article I wrote before polymer lithium battery manufacturers list brand basically after-sales service basic are guaranteed, after-sales service equipment is the only thing better factory, can make customers worry-free, such as security have warranty period of the manufacturer is very worthy of our trust to purchase battery manufacturers.

3, understand the safe use of performance

in fact is the performance of polymer lithium battery pack index or a minor one, the most important thing is not safe. Wall crack proposal you choose to have national certification security, additional export battery the best option is to have CE, UL certificate of batteries. The battery factory passed the ISO9001, such as shenzhen BSCI and wal-mart factory-examining, products have CE, UL, IEC62133, ROHS, REACH, UN38. 3, the BIS, KC, CQC certification, and worldwide top $2 million purchase of cargo transportation insurance is very worth buying.

4, look at the quality problem of the polymer lithium battery

now about the quality problem of the lithium batteries, the most frequently mentioned is two aspects, one is the batteries manufacture of lithium-ion batteries, the other is a pack assembly integration process. To know different battery manufacturers to produce technical level is different, from the design of the battery to the choice of materials, production and processing to the final finished products are basically there will be a difference, if convenient, customers can also contact the manufacturer to have a sample to check quality standard to conform to their requirements.

professional lithium-ion polymer battery source manufacturers

shenzhen EPT battery co. , LTD. , founded in March 2001, is a professional mainly engaged in environmental protection rechargeable battery technology research, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Enterprise products are widely used in consumer market, many areas in small family. Electrical appliances, electric tools, communication tools, toys, household cleaners, household medical equipment, intelligent emergency lighting, lamp, solar energy products, etc. EPT has passed ISO9001:2015 and BSCI certification, and received CE, UL, IEC62133, KC, PSE, ROHS, REACH, the BIS, etc. And meizhou self-built production base in shenzhen, are the national high and new technology enterprise.

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