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How to distinguish the tell is true 18650 lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-11-03

how to distinguish the tell is 18650 lithium batteries? Type 18650 lithium battery pack is relatively commonly used in electronic products lithium-ion batteries, often in the notebook computer batteries used as batteries and tie-in combination, are also useful in other toys, electric tools and other aspects. Type 18650, namely the battery to 18 mm in diameter, the total length of 65 mm, cylindrical type battery. Lithium is a kind of metal elements, why should we call him a lithium battery pack? Because it's the positive is the main material for lithium, how to identify and distinguish, selects suitable for high quality 18650, have the following methods.

1 size from exterior, 18650 batteries, to 18 mm in diameter, height is 65 mm, size available caliper gauge.

2 and PVC, identify its exterior quality colour can distinguish the advantages and disadvantages quality; See its appearance, is a well-known brand batteries.

3 multimeter accurately measure the voltage of the whole on the market have a lot of batteries, cobalt acid lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium manganese acid battery anode materials such as battery, voltage is 3, respectively. 7 v, 3。 2V,3. 7 v, each has its advantages.

note 18650, high quality with famous brands, such as appearance, in turn, determine its quality, of course, other factors such as capacity, for our customer, if have no other tools, the basic use of the above methods can judge of 18650 cells.

tell is true 18650 lithium batteries method

1. Visual

18650 rechargeable batteries visual appearance design, A product 18650 electronic smoke rechargeable battery design of exquisite appearance, rechargeable battery level off is smooth, no outer membrane folds, and are very strict rechargeable batteries after plastic logo, can see in bar code identification on the membranes of the rechargeable battery rechargeable battery data in detail.

2。 See weight

weigh 18650 the weight of the rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries of A goods weight significantly heavier than inferior rechargeable battery weight 18650, with 18650 false feeling significantly when rechargeable battery rechargeable batteries is A joke. True and false rechargeable battery weight contrast test, will promote weighing 18650 rechargeable batteries on the electronic scale, and then to carry out the contrast weight; A product rechargeable battery that is true, 18650, 18650 the weight of the rechargeable batteries, generally is about 43 g, and the weight of the fake 18650 rechargeable batteries generally 10 g is the minimum, also has 18650 false rechargeable batteries, mixed with mud mud weight 18650 rechargeable batteries generally is 30 g.

there are some charger choose low-cost scheme implementation, on the output precision is not good, easy to cause the battery is unusual, even damage the rechargeable batteries. Buy charger as far as possible choose well-known brands of 18650 lithium ion battery charger, product quality and after-sales service guarantee, prolong the service life of rechargeable batteries. Brand protection 18650 lithium ion battery charger has four heavy protection: short circuit protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, charging the battery reverse connect protection function, etc. Over charging protection: when the charger for lithium ion battery charging, in order to prevent due to temperature rise caused by internal pressure rise, need to terminate the charging status. Therefore, protection device to monitor the battery voltage, when it reaches the rechargeable battery charging pressure, namely the activation by charging protection function, to suspend the charge. Over discharge protection: to prevent the lithium ion battery over discharge state, when lithium ion battery voltage is lower than the discharge voltage testing point, that is activated by discharge protection, suspend the discharge, and hold the rechargeable batteries at low static current out screen mode. Over current and short circuit protection: when the lithium ion battery discharge current is too large or short circuit conditions formed, protection devices will be activated by the electric current protection function.

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