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How to do lithium battery separator testing?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-20

The diaphragm in the lithium battery pack plays the role of electronic insulation and ion conduction; as one of the four major raw materials for lithium batteries, it accounts for about 20% of the entire battery cost; the quality of the diaphragm directly affects the performance of the battery , Such as: short circuit, low voltage, etc.; the following are the testing standards and methods for lithium battery separators:

1. Air permeability: different air permeability of the separator will affect the battery performance, such as rate performance, internal resistance, etc.; if The fluctuation is too large, which directly affects the short circuit of the assembly process. Therefore, the range of air permeability must be specified during sample certification. After mass production, the fluctuation range of each batch cannot exceed 50S/100CC; too large, the product cannot be guaranteed Consistency.

2, the basic parameters of lithium battery separator, including: thickness, width, areal density (calculation method), radian (winding is very important), etc.;

3, lithium battery pack separator Pinhole: Use a dark box to test. It is a simple device. Use a box to cover a light bulb and open a small opening on the box. The number of these pinholes directly affects the short-circuit rate; it is easy to find pinholes with a dark box. If you can’t distinguish whether it is a pinhole , You can take SEM. A comparative test of pinhole and non-pinhole diaphragms found that the short-circuit rate of pinholes is 3 times that of non-pinholes;

4. Liquid absorption (that is, soaked in electrolyte to see if it absorbs How much is the amount, the soaking time is specified by yourself, and it will not be changed after the regulation is good, so that it is convenient for comparison);

5. Scanning electron microscope: manufacturers who do not have the conditions must send the test at the sample stage to confirm whether the diaphragm is evenly formed. , Whether there are broken holes; the consistency of the product can be seen directly through SEM; you can also know the process used by the diaphragm, wet or dry.

6. Appearance: white, no burrs, no burrs, smooth, no wrinkles, no pollution, no scratches, no gel spots, no black spots, these are mainly used to see;

7, heat shrinkage rate ( Generally, when baking at 90 degrees h, the standard can refer to the supplier's test results, or it can be determined according to the process requirements. The general diaphragm is no problem).

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