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How to extend the service life of lithium-ion batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-02-27
In recent years, it has been said: Once the lithium ion battery is used, it should be charged according to the standard time and procedure, and its life span should be calculated. If the life span is generally about two years, whether you use it or not, it may be shorter if it is stored improperly . Now everyone is asking: long charging will shorten battery life? In fact, the life of the battery is determined by the number of repeated charging and discharging. Many people use their rest time to charge their mobile phones. They often charge for a whole night. The lithium battery pack can be charged and discharged continuously for about 500 times. As the number of charging increases, the battery performance It will gradually weaken, and then the performance of the battery will be greatly reduced, even the first three times. Try to avoid recharging the battery after all the remaining power is discharged. Continuing to charge the battery after the battery capacity is full will shorten the battery life, and the battery standby time will hardly not decrease. For lithium-ion batteries, there is no need to shut down and recharge. Li-ion batteries are originally suitable for charging at any time. This is also one of his biggest advantages for Ni-MH batteries. You can make good use of this feature. Moreover, the cycle life of the lithium battery pack is only reduced once when the lithium battery pack is fully charged and discharged once. u003cpu003eu003c/pu003e According to experts, the lithium batteries used in mobile phones now have multiple protection mechanisms. Don't let your digital products sleep in a drawer to prevent battery overcharging. Batteries are getting newer and newer, and full use is the best protection for them. Keep it in a cool and dry place. There is currently no data showing that long-term charging will produce battery life. It is best to take out the battery and charge and discharge at least once every three months. In addition, over-discharge, over-charging, and improper use of temperature will affect battery life. Ordinary lithium batteries have poor tolerance to too high and too low temperatures. When the battery is too low, you should avoid leaving the battery in a place with high or low temperature for a long time, and you should start as soon as possible Charging and maintaining room temperature will help extend the life of lithium batteries. u003c/pu003e
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