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How to how to choose lithium ion battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-23

with this & other; Super energy & throughout; And & other Environmental protection new energy & throughout; Reputation of lithium ion battery, since the 1990 s was born, in the electronics product category button battery, smart phones, DC class electronic products in the lithium battery pack, to new energy power battery of electric vehicle, is increasingly widely used in manufacturing and real life. Compared with other batteries, lithium ion battery in volume, total weight, or from the use of performance, has the very big advantage. In fact, storage battery, lithium electricity than current battery car lead-acid battery has the characteristics of long life, green environmental protection, but relatively speaking, the price of lithium battery is higher, so how should we choose the lithium battery? Below to see how how selected lithium ion battery.

method 1: check the appearance have line protection board and packaging

a lithium battery with circuit protection board, such as the battery with the overcharge protection plate, safety explosion-proof, if not, lithium batteries will have deformation, leakage and explosion danger! , from packaging and appearance distinguish lithium battery products. Although commodity is usually have certain deceptive appearance, but also can visually autofilter off part of the fake and inferior products.

method 2: look at lithium batteries

the first step to check see whether lithium batteries for the new product, this is because the industry market on the part of small family factory choose 2 hand lithium batteries, lithium battery manufacturing. Lithium batteries, safety performance is high, the quality of lithium batteries more strong!

method three: detect charged work

in the whole process of the lithium battery charged work, rechargeable battery charging and discharging ten minutes continuously, if no fever, the battery protection board system, sound usually choose high quality lithium battery protection board quality lithium battery is much more than ordinary lithium battery.

method 4: compare the total weight

is proportional to the net weight and volume of the lithium battery, if it is a polymer lithium-ion batteries, the total weight of markedly different cases, there is no doubt that not enough capacity, but there are some of the rechargeable battery capacity gap. In addition, also can learn from the outer packing carton rechargeable batteries of the net weight is relatively heavy, if the thick towards high quality lithium batteries at all.

method 5: test the internal resistance and the maximum current

in fact, the rapid detection is the characteristics of the lithium ion detection of internal resistance and larger charge and discharge current. Cost-effective lithium ion, small internal resistance, charge and discharge current is very big. Choose A20A series digital multimeter, direct connection 2 levels, lithium ion current usually should be 10. A, or more, and can keep for A long time, relatively stable is A good rechargeable batteries.

supplement knowledge: the role of the lithium ion battery protection board

the lithium ion battery protection board has over current protection, over current protection, over-voltage protection, discharge protection, overcharge protection and defence of the protection and so on six big safety protection, electric power, the persistent life, safety explosion-proof, with preventing overcharge protection board, high temperature resistance.

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